Essentials For Survival

What You'll Need In Your Backpack

What To Put Your Supplies In

You need to plan what youre going to put your survival supplies in! If your container isn't suitable for the conditions you're in, you kit could be ruined. Make sure your container is:

  • Water repellent or waterproof.

  • Easy to carry or attach to your body.

  • Suitable to accept varisized components.

  • Durable.

What To Pack

  • First aid items.

  • Water purification tablets or drops.

  • Fire starting equipment.

  • Signaling items.

  • Food procurement items.

  • Shelter items.

Examples of these items

  • Lighter, metal match, waterproof matches.

  • Snare wire.

  • Signaling mirror.

  • Wrist compass.

  • Fish and snare line.

  • Fishhooks.

  • Candle.

  • Small hand lens.

  • Oxytetracycline tablets (diarrhea or infection).

  • Water purification tablets.

  • Solar blanket.

  • Surgical blades.

  • Butterfly sutures.

  • Condoms for water storage.

  • Chap Stick.

  • Needle and thread.

  • Knife.


A lighter will be your best friend if you're lost on an island. When packing this tool, its okay to pack a few and make sure the lighter is full as well. An empty lighter is no good to you. A lighter will help start a fire that will be used to cook food, boil water, and keep you warm during the cold nights.