Tiziano Vecelli

88 years old.

History of Tiziano Vecelli

He was born in 1474 but the date was uncertain. His parents were Gregorio Vecelli and Lucia. He was sent away at the age to 10-12 to live with his uncle to be an apprentice to learning art. He was known for one of his first art works Gypsy Madonna.

Art movements.

He was in the ITalian Renaissance, High Renaissance, and the Renaissance in general. He was known for the Italian Renaissance the most. He did a lot of Italian art work. He was not the founder of this movement but he was a key player in the Venetian school which was an school for high schoolers in the 16th Century. They did a lot of Italian art work.

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Man With a Glove

I love this painting because is expresses who he is. he is standing in a dark area. He is showing what he can do with his glove. It showing negative art because it's not all connected. It looks like everything is floating in mid air, well that is what they are trying to get you to think about because it really is connected but the background is black and he is wearing black so it looks like it's floating.