Romeo and Juliets Problems

By: Alyssa Blaschko

Who is Most at Fault?

  • Romeo is most at fault for the problems that occured because he went to the Capulet’s party, asked to marry Juliet, and killed Tybalt.

Romeo Went to The Capulet's Party

Shakespeare writes, “O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do!”(1.5.105) This shows that Romeo went to the Capulets party even though he is a Montague. He CHOSE to go to the party. Then after he arrived he saw his beautiful Juliet and fell in love with her. After he saw his precious Juliet, he decides to pull her to the side and tell her how beautiful she is. This all could have been avoided if he just would have not gone to the party. Then Juliet and Romeo would have never met, fallen in love, and created more problems for themselves.

Asked and Married Juliet

Shakespeare writes, “Til holy church incorporate two in one”(2.6.37) This shows that Romeo not only asked but actually married Juliet. I know this because when Friar Lawrence says two in one he is implying that they are getting married. This part is Romeo’s fault because he is the one who asked to marry Juliet. He knew the kind of trouble that they could both get into and the risk. Which leads me to believe Romeo is a big reason why a lot of bad things happen.

Romeo Killed Tybalt

Shakespeare writes, “Tybalt, here slain, whom Romeo’s hand did slay.”(3.1.154) This states that Romeo killed Tybalt in a sword fight. He killed Tybalt even though he knew the consequences that could happen in the future. He could have prevented this if instead of sword fighting with Tybalt to just have left it and moved on, but of course not, he decides to kill him. So then Juliet gets upset with this of course and decides to poison herself to make her look dead, which leads to even more problems. So a majority of Romeo and Juliets problems could have been prevented if Romo did not go to the party, ask to marry Juliet, and not have killed Tybalt.

Opposing View

Now some people might think that the person who causes all of this is Friar Lawrence but just because he is the one who gave Juliet the potion and the idea for the plan, did not mean she had to do it. Also Friar Lawrence followed up and his end and gave the letter to to a mail person to give it to Romeo. At least he was trying to help otherwise Juliet said herself that she would rather die then marry Paris. Which leads me to conclude if Friar Lawrence never came up with a plan she would have committed suicide.

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