Marysville, the thin blue line.

an under appreciated police station.


Everyone seems to think cops are just useless and bad people until there getting held hostage and need someone to come and save them. Also everyone seems to praise firemen when in reality firemen really do the least out of medical officers and or police officers. So why does everyone praise these figures of authority over the rest, well like the old saying one bad apple can ruin the entire tree. What this means is there are a couple of bad cops to the really good and hardworking ones. Such as all the ones at the Marysville police department.

Not all cops are bad.

Marysville police force has overworked employees, to small of a budget, and not enough people. every person at the police station is nice, caring, and hard working. and almost everyone on the force has a family. This includes the all sergeants, the lieutenant, and even the chief. All these people deserve better than the budget that they give them. The lieutenant for example is one of the nicest and most loyal people I know he could so much more but he stay's loyal to his department and all of his workers. All these men and women are devoted to their work of helping the community.

There effects on the community

the chief of police Aaron W. Easton, started a new activity about a year ago called coffee with a cop. What this activity consists of is gathering in an office building and or a park to sit around and drink free coffee and ask cops questions. The chief of Marysville police department recently bought a homeless family (with his own money) a used car so they could get their kids to school. All the force helps protect and setup all events in Marysville. for instance this Saturday (12/5/2015) the whole police department is helping in the Christmas parade. You will see the chief walking in the parade with his 3 kids they will be saying hi and be handing out candy canes.