Have Women Forgotten Their Place?

No Conduct Radio - Do Gender Roles Still Exist?

In 2015, do gender roles still exist?

Join us on Tuesday, 3-17-15 at 6pm EST, to listen in - then call in to voice your opinion!



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Tuesday, March 17th, 6-7:30pm

This is an online event.

In 2015, do gender roles still exist?

Are there times when a woman should "know their place?"

Are men the only ones who should propose marriage? Is it socially acceptable for a woman to propose? What do you think if you see a woman on her knees proposing to her man?

Can men be stay-at-home dads? Is a woman strong enough to be a soldier?

Tune in Tuesday evening for some edu-tainment.

Also, CEE'S BACK!!! CALCULUS IS OVER - just in time for gender wars with Logic! Should be fun!!

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