Sled Dogs

By: Tailyn Palmer

What is a sled dog?

A sled Dog is a working dog that was at first used for recreation.These dogs do all kinds of things/jobs.Some dog deliver things and others practice cart pulling.There are a lot of dogs that do sled racing.Dogs run in groups of eight for races.What ever a dog does,if they're pulling things,delivering,or racing they always wear a harness.Team work makes a very big impact.To some people Sled dogs looks don't matter ,agility does.Siberian Huskies are an iconic sled breed.In a race there are lead dogs,swing dogs,team dogs,and wheel dogs.the lead dogs must have the confidence to disobey. Dogs were first chosen for they're size.
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Some More Facts About Sled dogs

Sled dogs love to run.Healthy eating is necessary and a good diet.Sled dogs have to have very tough feet to withstand the cold ice.Some dogs get to warm in 40 degree weather.On a sled race each dog ate pemican every day.when Diptheria broke out a dog named Balto and his owner helped bring medicine to Ivome. Robert E Simmons was the first explorer at the North Pole with the help of sled dogs.On that trip they started out with 42 dogs but had to kill some for food.for every stop they made igloo camps. Dogs have saved human lives.A sled dog can be many different sizes. To attend the Yukon Quest the dogs must be very fit.