What Happened Through Time

By Brett

Technology- What Happened Through Time

Have you ever wondered how our technology has become so great? Well don’t just think about those genius inventors. It is hard to believe that some of the things that we use today were used long long ago. Like the canoe. We use canoes. In 10,000 B.C some of the first Nomads even used canoes. We have more advanced technology than the early people but we still hold on to their creations. What about fences? When do we not use fences. They’re part of our everyday life. I don’t think people in 2,000 B.C wanted animals in their yards, and neither do we. The Nomads would build these fences to keep out intruders and frightening animals.


Boats And How They Have Imroved

When you go on a boat into the ocean, you might be going on a massive cruise ship. Or, you might be on a simple motor boat. Either way, your not going on a canoe. People like the early nomads in 10,000 B.C would travel by canoes and other tiny boats, But, Boats have improved through the years and in the year 1500 boats were very important. It was the age of explorers. Explorers Set out in ships (see below) and traveled to find land and other goods for there country. Sometimes they would bring back sicknesses that sometimes killed there fellow people.