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What Effect Dose LED Lights Have on the Development of Urban Lighting?

Street lights are an important part of urban lighting. Traditional street lights often use high pressure sodium, but the low energy efficiency of sodium lamp causes a huge waste. Therefore, the development of a new light with high efficiency, energy saving, long life, and high color rendering index has great significance for the city lighting energy. Compared with conventional street lights, led street lighting have many advantages.

First, LED Light is a semiconductor diode; its lifetime is very long. When the flux attenuation reaches 80%, the life expectancy can be up to 25,000 hours. The metal halide lamp life is between 6,000 to 12,000 hours, and the high pressure sodium lamp life is 12,000 hours. LED lights last longer.

Second, the basic structure of the LED Lights is an electroluminescent semiconductor materials, placed on a wire rack, then sealed with epoxy resin around, plays a role in protecting the internal core wire, so the anti-seismic performance is adequate.

Third, the white LED tube light color is better than high-pressure sodium lamps. In the middle of the visual level, the human eye in a high color temperature environment is easier to distinguish things than low color temperature environment. That is to say, a high color temperature light source can improve the degree of excitement of the brain, so concentration, and faster the reaction rate of transient events will work while low color temperature light source reduces the reaction rate of the transient event. This may reduce accidents when drivers drive on the road.

White LED light color rendering is also much better than that of high pressure sodium lamp, and the CRI of high pressure sodium lamp is only around 20, and the white LED light can be up to 65 to 80. LED lights enjoy better color rendering.

Fourth, led street light fixtures can achieve a more perfect dimming function. Since the operating range of LED light is larger, its light output is proportional to the operating current; the current method can be reduced to dimming. Furthermore, since the frequent switching of LED Light will not do much damage to itself. Also the LED light dimming pulse can be obtained by width modulation method, by adjusting the duty cycle of the voltage and operating frequency, which can effectively regulate emitting LED tube strength. LED lights are more efficient and convenient.

Fifth, illumination uniformity on the road. Since the LED is small, and the emitted light is single, so it is relatively easy for the secondary optical design to meet the technical requirements of road lighting, especially uniformity requirements.