Jimmy Go

A life story

The start

Jimmy Go is my grandfather. He was born on September 6, 1935 in China. His family moved to the Philippines in December 1937. Since World War Two begun in 1939 Jimmy had to sell peanuts on the side of the road to help his family make a living. After World War Two ended in 1945 their family started a preserved fruit company in 1948. In the summer of 1961 he met my grandmother, Rizalina, which was introduced to him by a friend.


My grandmother, Rizalina, and him got married in December of 1961 and had their first child in October 1962. After that they had their second child in 1964, third in 1966, and fourth in 1970.


Jimmy's first daughter moved to America in 1980 and the rest of the family moved in 1988. They moved to San Francisco and bought a house. After 19 years he retired in the Philippines.