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Earthquake Story

Adele Binder Earthquake Experience

“Shaking pure shaking” I’m Quinn Hunter and I I’m interviewing Adele Binder who experienced a 6.7 magnitude earthquake Adele Binder is my grandmother and at 3:02 am 10/15/08 experiensed intense shaking. Five minutes before she said her 3 dogs were barking non stop than it it.

The next moring plates were on the floor and glass everywhere. Local scientist say it was a very big earthquake. Adele says she was asleep at the time then woke up and ran for a table for protection. She speaks out saying she was more scared for her dogs because they all were not under something.

The damage it caused were some broken pipes and a cabinet to fall down. Adele Binder and her friends around her shocked and stunned. It took Adele longer than expected to finnaly get her house fixed but after a month it was up and looked like new. Adele says she will never forget that night. If she hadn’t woken up things wouldn’t be pretty.

Quinn Hunter reporting for the L.A Times USA

Adele Binder, Fred Sands, and Gordon Binder.
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