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Technical Support: Help Desk--913-780-8058


Principal: Rick Sola


Asst. Principal: Krista Dueringer (Silver Teams-6,7,8)


Asst. Principal: Erin Richerson (Green Teams-6,7,8)



Rachel Iuli: Green Teams-6,7,8


Makaela King: Silver Teams- 6,7,8



Jenn Ross: jiross@olatheschools.org

School Resource Officer

Taylor Shipley: tshipleysro@olatheschools.org

Attendance Secretary

Angie Peterson: alpeterson@olatheschools.org (913.780.7241)

Student Information Specialist

Melynda Marquardt: mrmarquardt@olatheschools.org

The 22-23 CST Family

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Week of 8/22

Dear CST Family,

The first full week has concluded and it was such a wonderful week. I had so much fun with our CST ROCS PBIS kick-off. Our kids were recognized all week for the behaviors we expect and want from them as we focus on Respect, Ownership, Compassion, and Safety. Whether it's the frequent greetings from students to staff or picking up someone else's trash in the halls or listening attentively in an assembly, our students are rocking it at the start of the year. We will continue to reinforce these guiding values at CST this year and show acknowledgement through a token system. As I shared with students, the tokens are the fun part of the program, but we're going to focus on "ROCS" regardless. These are important life skills that will help them beyond the walls of CST.

I was grateful for our business partners across the street who were able to join us for a quick assembly connecting expected behavior at CST to appreciated behavior beyond CST. Both Carmen's Cocina and Minsky's Pizza were in attendance. Although specific discussion on positive behavior at those businesses, along with Price Chopper and Starbucks, were shared, we also talked about how those businesses have and continue to support us at CST. Lead custodian, Guillermo Saavedra, also joined as his role at CST was specifically mentioned. The highlight was when our 7th grade spontaneously erupted into cheers when Guillermo entered the room. Our students left knowing a little bit more about who supports CST, both inside and outside the building, and that the best way to "pay back" is show CST ROCS here and beyond CST.

This was an exciting week as well because the kick-off to fall sports occurred. Volleyball tryouts concluded, football practice began, and cross country is now off and running. In addition, our fall musical, Aladdin Jr., hosted meetings for interested students. The activities available for our students are in full swing!

See below for a preview of the week and weeks ahead.

Have a nice weekend!


Coming Soon...Wildcat After Hours!

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Lunch Charges


Please ensure your child has lunch money on their account. There are a large number of students beginning to charge their lunches. Students are only allowed 3 charges. Lunches are $3.00 but students may purchase more food at additional cost.

District Lunch Menus:


New in 2022-2023--FastBridge Assessment (replaces MAP)

FastBridge Assessment

CST Families,

See the message below regarding our shift from MAP to FastBridge. Students will be taking these assessments in the coming weeks in their math and ELA classes. These assessments will be completed in one class period rather than the 2-3 class periods MAP testing required. Please reach out if you have any questions.


Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are excited to share that Olathe Public Schools has shifted to a new streamlined assessment system called FastBridge beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. FastBridge is replacing several separate academic assessment and screening systems we have previously used (NWEA MAP for both math and reading as well as AMIRA for screening at-risk readers). This past spring, seven buildings throughout the district were early implementors of FastBridge. Parents, students, and staff reported positive experiences with administration of the test and interpretation of results.

The shift to FastBridge allows educators to meet state required academic assessment and screening on one platform, and in all cases reduces the amount of time students are assessing. The academic data gathered is very similar to that of NWEA MAP, containing both a percentile and a scaled score much like that of the RIT score that you may be used to. The information gained from FastBridge directly informs the district’s Multi-Tiered System of Support for reading and math, allowing educators to proactively meet the needs of students.

If you have questions, please contact CST assessment coordinator, assistant principal, Erin Richarson at 913-780-7240.

As always, we will continue to provide information on assessments throughout the year.


Rick Sola


Estimados padres o tutores,

Nos complace compartir que las Escuelas Públicas de Olathe han cambiado a un nuevo sistema de evaluación racionalizado llamado FastBridge a partir del año escolar 2022-2023. FastBridge está reemplazando varios sistemas de evaluación académica y revisión por separado que hemos utilizado anteriormente (NWEA MAP para matemáticas y lectura, así como AMIRA para la detección de los lectores de riesgo). La primavera pasada, siete escuelas del distrito fueron las primeras en aplicar FastBridge. Los padres, los estudiantes y el personal informaron de experiencias positivas con la administración de la prueba y la interpretación de los resultados.

El cambio a FastBridge permite a los educadores cumplir con la evaluación académica requerida por el estado y el monitoreo en una sola plataforma, y en todos los casos reduce la cantidad de tiempo que los estudiantes están siendo evaluados. Los datos académicos obtenidos son muy similares a los de NWEA MAP, ya que contienen tanto un porcentaje como una puntuación en escala muy parecida a la de la puntuación RIT a la que puede estar usted acostumbrado. La información obtenida de FastBridge sirve directamente para el Sistema de Apoyo Múltiple del distrito para la lectura y las matemáticas, lo que permite a los educadores satisfacer proactivamente las necesidades de los estudiantes.

Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con la coordinadora de evaluación de CST, subdirectora, Erin Richarson al 913-780-7240.

Como siempre, seguiremos informando sobre las evaluaciones a lo largo del año.


Rick Sola


Safety email from principal (sent on 8/19)

CST Parents,

I want to make you aware of a concern brought to the office today that was proven to be totally unfounded, but worthy of sharing with our community. Two students at lunch were talking about guns and joking of having guns with them at school. This information reached administration, who, along with our school resource officer, immediately followed full protocol and conducted a thorough investigation. I want to assure you that there was no weapon and no one was in any danger.

This email is intended to fulfill two purposes…

  1. I want to be transparent with what occurs at CST and for you to be informed about important matters, especially safety matters, as it relates to CST and your child.
  2. I encourage you to have a conversation with your child about the seriousness with which we must take with all matters related to weapons and schools. Even words intended to be a joke can elicit a safety concern.

Safety is the number one priority and we will always respond swiftly to ensure our campus is safe.

Please feel free to reach out to me or our school resource officer if you have questions.

Rick Sola


Admin Code of Conduct Talks

Admin talks with students began this past week. Principal Sola met with 8th grade students in each of their SS classes to review the Olathe Schools Code of Conduct and various other beginning of year items (i.e. cell phones, digital citizenship, important contacts at CST, etc.). Mrs. Dueringer will meet with 7th graders and Mrs. Richerson 6th graders in the coming week to review this document as well. Students are responsible for following the code of conduct and are provided a link to the pamphlet via email. Parents can access this document at the link below.


Spiderman (Tom Holland) takes a break from social media

This past week with 8th graders, I shared about the story linked below involving movie actor, Tom Hollands, break from social media. His brief return to Instagram was to explain his absence but also to speak about a group who declares their purpose is to "support mental health in teenagers." To be clear, students were NOT shown the clip and I am not familiar with or endorsing the group he speaks of. However, what I did share with students, as part of talking about digital citizenship, was the caution with which they should take with digital platforms as well as the caution they should take with social media. The first minute of the video in the article he specifically states why he's stepping away (the impact social media has on his mental health). The second part of the video he speaks of the group referenced above. I am sharing with parents because there may be follow up conversation at home you find valuable with your child, or perhaps the video is something you'd like to watch with them as well.



CST Community Partners

  • Wes Phillips—Farmers Insurance—coffee and cookies for all CST staff
  • Carmen’s Cocina II—donated money in support of 6th grade door hanger bags/beginning of year staff start up
  • Journey Bible Church—cookies for all students in the first week of school; treat bags and Starbucks for all staff
  • Jim Martin—State Farm Insurance—donated money in support of 6th grade door hangers/beginning of year staff start up

Thank you to our amazing business and faith based adopt-a-school partners...we are so appreciative!

Golf Scramble for a Cause

CST business partner, Wes Phillips of Farmer Insurance, is promoting the golf tournament below in support of the Heartland Autism Society. Feel free to check it out!
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Former CST PE Teacher, Coach Brad Yantis

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Fall Musical!

The Fall Musical is Aladdin Jr. Any CST Student is encouraged to audition for a role in the cast or crew for the show. If students did not attend the interest meeting, they should talk to Mrs. Lee (room 515) or email her at mblee@olatheschools.org for more information. Students will have an application and a parent permission slip to fill out before Auditions on Thursday, August 25th. Callbacks will be on Friday, August 26th and rehearsals will start the following week. More information will be included in the information packets available after the interest meeting.

Mrs. Lee

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Thank you for your cooperation and for contributing to a successful finish to the week on both drop off and pick up. The aim of the pattern to reduce sitting traffic on 159th and on Mur-Len continues to improve. Thursday and Friday arrival was a constant flow both in and out of CST. Traffic for afternoon pick-up continues to fit in the CST parking lot.

A few reminders as we continue to work together on this process...

AM Arrival:

  • Vehicles should pull all the way up to the car in front of them
  • Students should exit their vehicle any location on the curb from the football field on the east to the buses on the west
  • Once you drop off your child, use the left lane to pass through the line to the exit

PM Pick-up:

  • Cars should stack double wide from the buses to the end of the parking lot near the entrance
  • Students may only cross at a CST staffed cross-walk
  • Cars should stay to the extreme right or left lane to leave open the middle/passing lane

Updated: What is PBIS at CST???

Great start to PBIS and CST ROCS this week! We'll operate a store every Friday from 7:15-7:45am. See our behavior matrix below for specific expected behaviors. CST ROCS!

BIG thank you to our parent volunteers this past Friday! See below if you're interested in signing up or donating to the store!

Volunteers for PBIS Store – Fridays 7:15am-7:45am - Auditorium


Donations of items for PBIS Store

(Originally in the 8/15 weekly)

Chisholm Trail is launching its new PBIS program this year. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. All Olathe middle schools will eventually have a program. CST will be just the second middle school to implement a program, but CST feeder schools, Madison Place and Sunnyside Elementary, have already implemented theirs. We are so excited launch and for our students to experience this program.

Beginning Tuesday, staff will share lessons with students about expected behaviors at CST (see behavior matrix) in various settings. While posters are placed around the building and in each classroom (example here), the value will be the conversations that take place in acknowledging expected behaviors and how we work through unexpected behaviors. CST will have its own "economy" as students receive tokens various positive behaviors. They will receive a pouch to carry their tokens and will have the opportunity to cash them in for rewards on Fridays from 7:15-7:45am. We have collected prizes through donations and continue to add non-tangible ideas (help with morning announcements, shoot around with a friend and principal, etc.). If you'd like to support, you can click the links below to donate or sign-up to run the store.

(Below was from an 8/8 school email)

CST’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system

More will be shared at Back to School Night, but CST is launching its PBIS program this year and we are very excited to share this with students. This system will incorporate tokens for positive behaviors and students can use those tokens to “purchase” rewards. This is where we need your help! We’d like to have parents run the PBIS store on Friday mornings from 7:15-7:45am in the CST auditorium. Next, is we’re taking donations for student incentives as part of this program. Click on the links below if you’re interested!

Volunteers for PBIS Store – Fridays 7:15am-7:45am - Auditorium


Donations of items for PBIS Store

CST ROCS Store and Parent Volunteers!

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Check out the school store for 4 new CST designs and many trendy apparel options along with several embroidered options! Store is open now through August 21st...this is the biggest store of the year so don't miss the opportunity to dress like a wildcat!

Items to be delivered in time for the Old Settlers Parade!

We'll offer 2 more CST stores this year--in time for the holidays, and another in the spring.

Shop HERE for the newest CST gear!

Follow Us on Twitter! @CSTWildcatsMS

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Safety Initiatives for the 2022-23 School Year

Aug. 4, 2022 ~ As students and staff return to their buildings for the 2022-2023 school year, families and community members may be curious about various tools that are in place to ensure the safety and security of our students, staff and visitors.

One of the new tools that the district is implementing is CrisisAlert, a safety solution by CENTEGIX, a company that creates safer spaces by innovating to empower and protect people. The CrisisAlert platform is an incident alerting solution that empowers teachers and staff to call for help with the push of a button on a badge they will wear in addition to their ID badge they wear daily. This simple push of a button provides school/district administration, school resource officers, and other first responders with precise location information of the impacted staff member, enabling them to respond quickly in any situation.

“We know that building trusted relationships with our students is the best way for our educators to create a safe space for students to learn,” Dr. Brent Yeager, superintendent, said. “However, we also recognize that emergency situations can occur at any moment, and it is best to have resources in place to support our students and staff in times of crisis. Our goal is to give our educators peace of mind that they can call for help at anytime, anywhere on school grounds, and they will be heard.”

With the CrisisAlert badge, staff members will be able to alert administration for everyday student and staff events such as medical emergencies or in a crisis situation, staff would be able to initiate campus-wide lockdowns at the touch of a button.

Read more information on the implementation of CrisisAlert for all staff members.

This tool is in addition to the variety of procedures, programs and systems that are already in place in Olathe Public Schools. This includes crisis management procedures, MY EOP app for staff, Raptor visitor management, access control systems, cameras, building radios, school resource officers, monthly collaboration with the Olathe police department, ALICE protocols, anonymous tip lines, dedicated Safety Services department as well as positive relationships between our students and staff. Learn more about these tools and more.

At Olathe Public Schools, our top priority is to ensure the safety and security of students, staff and visitors. This multi-layered and comprehensive approach to safety is essential in ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment. The district is constantly reviewing its policies and procedures to make sure we are meeting the needs of our students and staff to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

Questions about any of our safety protocols? Please feel free to reach out to our Safety Services department at 913-780-8052.

Original article found HERE.

Welcome to Officer Shipley!

Officer Taylor Shipley joins us this year in the role of School Resource Officer. This is her first SRO gig but she has been with Olathe PD for the past 4 years. She is excited to join CST and get to know our kids. She's already been out mingling with our students and joined orchestra on day 1 in a "blob" activity. She can be reached by calling the CST front office. She splits her time with CST and California Trail but is truly a "resource" for our students and parents.

Important Safety Info for Walkers and Bike Riders


Please help us reinforce with students the best sidewalks to use upon arrival for walkers/bike riders (seen with the purple arrows on the map below).

  • Students from east of Mur-Len should cross at the 159th/Mur-Len light and walk/ride toward the football field. They will avoid having to cross all vehicle traffic in the parking lot by doing this.
  • Students coming from Lindenwood should take a left upon reaching the CST property and use the sidewalk next to our open field on the west. They should not cross exiting traffic onto 159th from the CST parking lot.
  • A new bike rack was placed at the doors west of the front entrance.
  • Students should exit the building using the same routes. PLEASE talk with students about crossing 159th at the light/cross walk...for their own safety, they should not cross 159th at any other location.

Update from the principal: Traffic Pattern...

First, I want to sincerely thank the CST community for their patience and grace as we roll out our new arrival and pick-up. Thursday ran relatively smooth (6th grade only) and Friday we saw some areas of need, although our drivers did a nice job following the pattern, so thank you! I want to provide an update and perhaps a little explanation for this new traffic approach.

Historically, CST traffic has prevented normal road travel on 159th and on Mur-Len during arrival and especially dismissal. This created safety issues for all traffic in the area and also violated traffic laws (i.e. single lane road with traffic sitting and stretched both directions). The city has been aware of this and installed signs early last spring in effort to inform and direct traffic with eventual plans to begin ticketing traffic offenders. City engineers, along with district input, created a plan to alleviate CST traffic on the surrounding roads. Thus the summer parking lot work, new signs and arrows, and this new pattern.

You will notice some tweaks and adjustments over the next couple weeks, I'm sure of it. As we adjust and adapt, I appreciate you continuing to follow the pattern below, but ALSO following the direction of staff on the ground as adjustments are made. Specific communication will be made should there be significant changes, but otherwise, I will continue to provide updates here. For the record, day 1, and at the beginning of the year in general, always takes some time, but please know we are continuing to assess and I am in frequent contact with our district liaison with the city.

On Monday, the city will be actively monitoring lights near CST at morning drop-off. This should help alleviate the backed up west bound traffic leaving CST.

I do want to share a few safety issues that were noticed on Friday...

  • Students should not be dropped off across the parking lot to then walk across traffic into the building. CST will be forgiving on a student's tardy arrival due to traffic. When traffic is backed up, admin communicate with the front office for them make an announcement excusing all kids until traffic has subsided.
  • The blocked entry at Mur-Len is NOT a place to drop off students. Please do not pull in and u-turn out of this area. Exploiting loop holes or work-arounds to the posted traffic pattern will present safety issues for students and others.
  • Afternoon pick-up on the 2nd lane: students must cross at one of the crosswalks near the school where CST staff will stop traffic. Running across the "drive-thru" lane presents a significant safety issue.
  • Students must cross 159th at the traffic lights on Mur-Len or Lindenwood. Several students crossed through traffic on 159th Friday afternoon headed to Price Chopper. We will continue to remind and direct students but conversation at home would be helpful and appreciated.

Again, I thank you for your patience and understanding as we all get comfortable with this new pattern.



Original Traffic Communication

The 2 maps below identify our arrival and dismissal traffic pattern. For the safety of our students and staff, it is important for all car-rider traffic to follow this pattern. This is different from years past and uses a new cut-through installed just upon entering the lot from 159th street. In addition, please note the walker/biker paths identified by the purple dotted arrows. These routes for them will avoid crossing all traffic in the parking lot.

HEADS UP: A particular issue at the end-of-day-departure, cars will not be permitted by the city to "sit or stand" on 159th or Mur-Len. Signs were installed by the city along 159th street in front of CST prohibiting this practice and is expected to be enforced.

Main points of note with the new pattern...

  • One-way entrance on 159th Street
  • All car traffic will stay right and make a big loop in the east parking lot (all students dropped with sidewalk on their right
  • One-way exit at the SW corner of CST lot onto 159th Street--left and right turn lanes
  • No entry to the lot from Mur-Len
  • Dogs are invited to the car line and may even receive a treat
  • See maps below for all details
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CST's 22-23 Theme

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FYI: Student Handbook Info

In the coming days, admin will be visiting with students about basic expectations, code of conduct, and student handbook topics. Below are two topics outlined in the student code of conduct.


Students are allowed to bring electronic devices to school at their own risk. Students can use them in the gym or MPR before school, until 7:40 am. Electronic devices are not allowed to be out or used during class periods or in the cafeteria during lunch. If a violation occurs, the device is taken and given to the office. The device will be returned to the student at the end of the day. Repeated offenses could result in parent contact or not being able to have on school property. Chisholm Trail is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Headphones are not allowed to be on/used during any time, including passing period and lunch, unless directed to do so by a staff member. Students need to be able to hear any directions or information for their safety.

  • Cell phones may be used on school grounds before and after school.
  • Students may check a quick text during passing period, but should not be scrolling, watching videos, playing games, on social media, etc. during the school day.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in classrooms, restrooms, and school offices, unless otherwise stated by a staff member.
  • During class time, cell phones must remain out of sight and in silent mode.
  • Unless explicitly allowed by a staff member, headphones and other listening devices may only be used before and after school hours.
  • If students need to place an emergency phone call during the day, they should request to go to the main office to use an office phone.
  • Students may be subject to disciplinary action if their use of their cell phone disrupts the school’s educational environment. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: cheating, bullying, harassment, unlawful recording or photographing, violating other school rules.
  • The school and its staff are not responsible for any damage to or theft of a student’s cell phone. Students must properly secure and take care of their own phones.


All students are to dress properly for attendance at school and at school functions. Students are representatives of their school and their dress and manner should be above reproach. Coats and hats are to be left in students’ lockers. Students must wear shoes at all times. Costume-type dress is not permitted unless a special day has been designated. Students must have some part of their shirt/top which goes over the shoulders. Students who are not properly dressed or their dress is deemed disruptive to the educational process will be requested to correct their clothing. If they do not have a change of clothes, items will be provided through the nurse’s office.

These items are not considered appropriate for school:

  • obscene or suggestive phrases or pictures on clothing;
  • Revealing or provocative clothing, including short shorts or which show bare midriffs or have plunging necklines
  • clothing which does not cover undergarments
  • phrases or pictures on clothing which refer to alcohol, smoking, drugs, or provocative brands
  • hats; bandannas; sunglasses;
  • anything representing gang “colors” or gang affiliation;
  • chains or studded bands
  • pajama pants; sagging pants; pants with excessive tears/holes
  • clothing deemed inappropriate by school administration, school staff, district staff, or clothing which is a threat to the order or safety of the school or students; clothing in violation of school board policy.

At Chisholm Trail, the dress code is intended to insure that students dress tastefully and appropriately for the school setting. We ask students to remember that clothing for school and clothing for recreational activities may NOT be the same. School clothes need to reflect that the child is at school to attend to the business of learning. Specific guideline questions may be directed to the building administration.

NEW smartphone app for busing

The primary guardian of all registered bus riders will receive an individual subscription to Stopfinder, the free parent app with real-time GPS tracking for each child’s route. Parents are encouraged to download the free app and watch the Stopfinder English Tutorial or Spanish Tutorial for user instructions. We will no longer utilize Textcaster for late bus notifications!

Welcome back video!

The video below was shared with staff upon their return and students viewed on Friday during WIN as part of our "Dream On" theme. Students were led through the following discussion questions as part of this theme rollout...

  • How does this building theme resonate with you at the start of the school year?
  • What are your hopes for the year ahead?
  • What is something YOU have control of to help you fulfill your hopes for the year?

The "dream on" theme meshes with our PBIS rollout of "CST ROCS" in the coming week...join us this year as we "Dream On"!

(Look closely and you may see your 6th grader!)

***Special thanks to Olathe Schools Superintendent, Dr. Brent Yeager, for playing along with us in the creation of this video***

CST Wildcats 22-23--Dream On!

Meet the CST Office Staff

Journey Bible Church

Our adopt-a-school partner, Journey Bible Church, will be providing Oreo/Chips Ahoy cookies to welcome back all students the first full week of school (tentatively 8/19)! Thank you, Journey Bible Church, for your continued support of the CST community and for offering a fun way to welcome students back!

CST Sports!

Fall practices begin on Monday, August 15th with volleyball tryouts and football practice. Cross country practice begins on (updated) Tuesday, 8/16. Students MUST have a physical on file to practice/tryout. Students without a physical dated May 1, 2022 or later will not be able to participate until they complete and turn in a physical.

REMINDER: Sports Physicals and Paperwork

Five Steps for Online Physical Registration

  1. Print the pre-participation physical form and take it to the physician's visit.
    1. Print English pre-participation physical form (PDF)
    2. Imprima el formulario de preparticipación física en español (PDF)
  2. Log in to Touch Base, choose your student and then choose Registrations.
  3. Choose Register next to the sport or activity for your student, then choose Manage.
  4. Complete and sign the concussion, student transportation, and substance abuse forms.
  5. Upload the completed Pre-Participation Physical as one document and submit. You will be notified by email of acceptance. This is required only once, regardless of multi-sport tryouts.

Those who don't have a scanner can use their smartphone for the Pre-Participation Physical Form.

  • Download a scanner app
  • Snap a picture of each page of the document
  • Save all five pages as one document and upload it from your computer or phone

Physicals must be dated after May 1, 2022.

The due date for fall sports paperwork is Friday, August 12th. Tryouts and Practices for Volleyball and Football start on Monday, August 15th. Cross Country starts on Tuesday, August 16th.

22-23 School Supply Lists

Meet the CST Counselors: Mrs. Iuli and Mrs. King!

Whether you have a scheduling question, concern for your child, or would like direction to some resources, you can reach out to our amazing counselors, Mrs. Rachel Iuli (left) and Mrs. Makaela King. Mrs. Iuli begins her second year as CST counselor and is excited to see CST students again. Mrs. King joins us from Wellsville Middle School where she served as counselor for the past 3 years. Mrs. King is excited to join the Olathe and CST Family!

While your child will be assigned a go-to counselor based on team, both counselors work with all our students throughout the year on various topics. Please don't hesitate to reach out!


Rachel Iuli: Green Teams-6,7,8


Makaela King: Silver Teams- 6,7,8


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CST Adopt-A-School Partners

We are fortunate to have community partners who support Chisholm Trail and its staff and students. Below is a list of those who have and continue to actively support CST throughout the year. This newsletter will continue to update the efforts provided from these groups/individuals as the year continues.

  • Journey Bible Church--Mark Hinojosa
  • State Farm Insurance--Jim Martin
  • Farmers Insurance--Wesley Phillips
  • Carmen's Cocina II

In addition, we have so many other individuals, groups, organizations, who have offered to support in a variety of ways including donations, time, financial contributions. We have an amazing Olathe community and this immediate CST community is just so wonderful as well.

Thank you a million times to all who support Chisholm Trail.

Student Schedules

Schedules are available beginning on Friday, 7/29. The master schedule is created based on student course selection in the spring which then results in seat counts and the student schedules released now. Student schedules, while based on their own spring course selection, is also impacted by other factors such as "automatic" electives (i.e. grade level music classes, cheer, dance), required classes (i.e. PE, advanced math classes, select music courses, etc.), special programming (guided study, special education, etc.), and/or demand for a particular class. Student schedule changes are limited to those with scheduling errors or other extenuating circumstances requiring office consideration.

Please contact your child's counselor if you have schedule questions.


All students will be assigned a locker, but students will have the option to carry their backpack from class to class. Whether locker use is regular or intermittent, students will be expected to keep their coats, jackets, and other bags in their locker. In addition, all students will receive a CST drawstring backpack to encourage lighter travels between classes.

Reminder: Combinations operate on a "right-left-right" pattern along with skipping the middle number once.

Example: 05-42-19---spin dial to the right a few times to get started, turning right, stop precisely on the "05". Spin left passing the "42" once until you get back to 42 where you'll stop on the 42. Turn right until you get to "19" where you'll stop and lift the handle.

Locker issues?

There will be a locations in the office and halls to write down locker concerns. Concerns may include combination issue, need a bottom locker/can't reach top hooks, etc. Students are expected to keep their combination private and to not share with anyone.

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"8th Period" = Wildcats WIN

Your child will have access to their course schedule beginning Friday, 7/29. On their schedule they'll have their locker number, combo information, and their courses along with teacher assignments. Their schedule has 8 periods listed. The 8th period on their schedule is known district-wide as Academic Extension with Intervention time, but it's known as "WIN" (What I Need) at CST. This period will take place after 7th hour (see schedule below).

This time will occur daily for all students and is a time to receive a variety of learning, including: social emotional learning (2nd Step), reading and math MTSS intervention, silent reading, school-themed lessons and information, content-related materials, choice learning, and opportunities to receive support on homework.

CST Bell Schedule

1st—7:50-8:43 (AM announcements)




5th—11:29-12:44 (lunch)




2022-2023 Teams

6th Grade Green

Mrs. Clark

Mr. Walterman

Mrs. Umphrey

Mrs. Marye

6th Grade Silver

Mrs. Grauberger

Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Horner

Mrs. Williams

7th Grade Green

Mrs. Ruffin

Mrs. Newman

Mrs. Cromer

Mr. Kovaleski

7th Grade Silver

Mr. Reed

Mrs. Collins-Payne

Mrs. Hylton

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Office Staff

Office Assistant: Connie Bray

Attendance Secretary/Assistant Principal's Secretary: Angie Peterson

Bookkeeper/Principal's Secretary: Sara Harris

Data Operator: Melynda Marquardt

School Nurse: Jennifer Ross

Please keep info updated (email, phone number, medical, etc.). Contact the office at 913-780-7240 if you are concerned you may be missing communication or need to update your family's information.

Parent Communication—What to expect…

1) I send a weekly email through Blackboard with a link to an online parent newsletter called The Weekly Wildcat. Important information regarding the next week and beyond is included in this newsletter. Watch for the first Weekly Wildcat the first week of August.

2) The link to The Weekly Wildcat will also be available on the CST website as well as all past newsletters for the year.

3) Unless necessary, I try to limit communications to only the weekly newsletter.

If you have concerns of missing communications from the school or district, please contact CST at 780-7240 and ask for data operator, Melynda Marquardt. She can update/verify your information on the Synergy student info system.

District Calendars

Go to the link below for various district calendars for the year...


Reminder: Fall Sports: Online Forms to Turn In (7/27 email)

Below is an email from assistant principal and athletic director, Krista Dueringer, about a new online process for completing physicals, transportation permissions, and substance abuse acknowledgement. Paper physical forms are still downloadable from the CST website and available in the office, but this process will eventually replace the paper process.


Forms to be turned in online

We have an opportunity to streamline the forms process this year with the ability for parents to now turn them in online. This includes the transportation form which is needed for field trips and athletes, concussion form, substance abuse form and the physical will now be uploaded into the system.


Forms need to be completed by August 12th.

In order to simplify the process please see the instructions below for the Student Transportation forms:

  1. Forms can be found in TouchBase https://ks-olathe.intouchreceipting.com/(where you pay school fees)
  2. Log into TouchBase and click on your student's name
  3. Under the Shop tab, click on Registration
  4. Pick from the available programs, click on the 2022-2023 Transportation Form
  5. Complete the form and submit

Sports Physicals and Paperwork

Five Steps for Online Physical Registration

  1. Print the pre-participation physical form and take it to the physician's visit.
    1. Print English pre-participation physical form (PDF)
    2. Imprima el formulario de preparticipación física en español (PDF)
  2. Log in to Touch Base, choose your student and then choose Registrations.
  3. Choose Register next to the sport or activity for your student, then choose Manage.
  4. Complete and sign the concussion, student transportation, and substance abuse forms.
  5. Upload the completed Pre-Participation Physical as one document and submit. You will be notified by email of acceptance. This is required only once, regardless of multi-sport tryouts.

Those who don't have a scanner can use their smartphone for the Pre-Participation Physical Form.

  • Download a scanner app
  • Snap a picture of each page of the document
  • Save all five pages as one document and upload it from your computer or phone

Physicals must be dated after May 1, 2022.

The due date for fall sports paperwork is Friday, August 12th. Tryouts and Practices for Volleyball and Football start on Monday, August 15th. Cross Country starts on Tuesday, August 16th.

Music Classes

Music Students

KSHSAA requires that anybody in a Music class (Band, Choir, or Orchestra) must submit a substance abuse form (as well as the transportation form).

In order to simplify the process please see the instructions below:

  1. Forms can be found in TouchBase https://ks-olathe.intouchreceipting.com/(where you pay school fees)
  2. Log into TouchBase and click on your student's name
  3. Under the Shop tab, click on Registration
  4. Pick from the available programs, click on the tab 2022-2023 KSHSAA Clubs & Activities not requiring a Physical, KAY, Music
  5. Complete the form and submit

Student Bus Information: DS Bus Lines (913) 361-7400

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