Freezie Fundays

Giving and Receiving at the same time :D

Freezie Fun coming soon!

Soul Savers organized a Freezie sale on Friday 14, and Monday 17th with no sales on the Tuesday. There will also be a blowout sale on Wednesday if there are any remaining freezies for sale. This even is hosted by the Soul savers, a non Profit group that fundraisers for Allan A Martin. We hope you support this wonderful cause, and help the Soul Savers on their Freezie Fundays!

She Has a FREEZIE, Do you?

Supporting Lending in Developing Regions

Kiva is a non - profit group supporting entrepreneurs all over the globe. They provide business funding to those that would not get it from a normal bank. The loans start with $25 dollars, and after you have invested, the entrepreneur pays back the loan, and you have $25 once more to support a cause you cherish.
How Kiva Works

Freezie Fundays

Friday, June 14th, 11:45pm

1390 Ogden Avenue

Mississauga, ON

Come one and all!