Physicsts and Astrononmer

My Future Career Job By Sophia TonNu

Training & Education

You Need a Degree called the Ph.D To be an Physics and an Astronomer or in Federal Government you need a bachelor degree in physics

After you've got your degree you have to find an TEMPORARY job around Academia as a postdoctoral research position

Work Enviroment

You'll Mostly work indoors in offices many times but sometimes to can go to the Labatory and test out some experiments,

Some Uniforms you have to wear are Lab Coats. You'll also have to work individual

what they test out are Mostly Matter and Energy and they study about what goes on in space

Job Description

The Salary is 52.54 per hour/109,290 per year

Growth Opportunities~2014-24 is 7% (as Average)


Study the way of Matter

Study the way of energy

Be Patience when it comes with Experiments

Study the way of orgins in the Universe

Plan and conduct scientific expirments and studies to test theories and discover propertys of matter and energy

Job Outlook

This job will be needed in the future because if a meter is about to hit earth astronomers and physics and look at it and send off warnings to warn people to be prepared

Reasons Why i chose this job

I Chose this job because I like studying about matter. Known as I did some researches I saw that it studies about matter and energy and organs of the universe and I like studying about science I like studying about matter and energy. knowing that they also study about organs of the universe that sounds very interesting and who knows I might learn something new if I have this job. Maybe something new about the world!


After doing all of my researches, I Think I would pursue this job because maybe I can have fun there and learn about space, matter, and more! Probably if I get this job I can learn something new then I already know! I think this job will suit me well and I will like this job very much!