Jack the Ripper

Who is Jack the Ripper

The identity of jack the ripper is the greatest mystery in the history of British crime. It seems incredible that a man who killed six women in the middle of a massive police man hunt could escape detection. Some suspects are a surgeon, a psychiatric patient and even a member of the royal family that have all been linked to the killings, but not one suspect has been placed at a murder site. Over the time of the murders evidence has emerged that claimed to prove his identity, but all were quickly discredited. A diary confessing to the murders was a forgery, medical records implicating a doctor was secretly altered, and recent DNA results from a victims shall can be linked to 95% of the population. After more than a century searching for the identity of the murderer we are still no nearer to a solution

The victims

The first victim of the jack the ripper murders is Mary Nichols also known by her friends as Polly Nichols was murdered on august 31 1888, Annie Chapman was the second victim murdered on September 8 1888, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes where murdered on the night of September 30 , and Marry Kelly was the final victim of the jack the ripper murder spree which happened on November 9 1888
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Charles Allen Lechmere (Cross)

Mr. Robert Paul said in a newspaper interview that he had found the body of Polly Nichols, before P.C. Neil discovers the body, and when he did a man was standing over her. The man who was standing over Polly Nichols was said to be unknown to police, yet the day after the newspaper interview the man appeared at the inquest. Charles Allen Cross was the man who was seen standing over the body of Polly Nichols. Charles Allen Cross worked as a delivery driver and admitted he was the first person to find the body of Polly Nichols

Charles gave his address to police as 22 Doveton street yet the official records show no one called Cross living at that address

I find it strange that Charles Allen Cross did not come forward about finding the body more willingly. I also found it interesting that he practically disappeared after finding the body only to reaper the next day. In my opinion the murderer is Charles Allen Lechmere

The Profile

Police have come up with a profile that they believe would fit jack the ripper. They believe he would live in Whitechapel, he would have been relatively unremarkable in appearance, he most likely would have had a disrupted background, his age would be between 35 and 40 years of age, and he would have had a good reason to be on the street at night.
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At the time of the Jack the Ripper murders the media played a big role in trying to find the murderer. Each day the newspaper would inform the local residents of Whitechapel of the murders the night before. the newspaper also played a large role in trying to locate the murderer. Many journalists suspected that Jack the Ripper was a foreign man due to the fact that no one in Whitechapel at the time thought that a British man was capable of such horrific crime. Many who lived in Whitechapel thought that the murderer had to be a Jewish man due to the large Jewish population in Whitechapel at the time. The night of the double murder of Elizabeth stride and Catherine Eddowes the murderer left a bloody rag in a doorway and written above the doorway was a sentence practically blaming the Jews for the murders.
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jack the ripper