Texas A&M University

College Station


I want to do psychology because my background with helping other people understand their feelings is really well .

I want to get my phd in psychology at Texas A&M because I've heard a lot of great things come out of that program . It will take 4 to 7 years to get my phd in psychology , but after it will all be worth it .

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior . Many people apply this to just the assesment and treatment of mental health problems ,but there is so much more .


Some of the activities i would like to attend would their volleyball program , their track program , and their honors program .
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The college

The college is located in College Station . It is the fourth largest university in the United States . It is the biggest in Texas . It has a growing population of 60,000 with a campus 2,500 acres large . I want to go because it is a large college filled with people far away from home with a great academic program .