Environmental Study Guide

Adrianna Irizary

Study project

By: Adrianna Irizarry


In 2013 the rainfall has been lower than its average.The average annual precipitation is 53.17 inches of rainfall. The average temperature starts out low and increases during the months of June to September.The weather can affect residents of Florida because it can cause very bad allergies, sensitivities and miscellaneous aches from the increased pollution and constant humidity


In 1840 a community grew and it was called Jernigan, it was found by the Jernigan family, and 6 years later it was renamed Orlando. The U.s post office adopted the change name



Natural Disasters

There was a few natural disasters in Florida. Like hurricane sandy in 2012, hurricane Frances in 2004, hurricane Ivan in 2004, hurricane Katrina in 2005, and hurricane Charley in 2004. Its unpredictable to see how many years or days to see when a natural disaster will happen andpeople are affected because the disaster it leaves behind. It gets more expensive every time a natural disaster hits.


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