1st Quarter Counseling Corner

Catalano; Serving students M-Z Jane Frederick High School

1st Quarter Closes 2nd Opens

We have just completed 1st Quarter and October break, soon we will have November and December breaks and the end of the 2nd quarter. Stay focused and use your downtime in healthy pursuits.

Everyone learns differently and we are all here to help. Don't forget your teachers and counselors are learning right along with you and you all can probably teach us new ways to communicate through technology.

5 Students have Graduated in the 1st Quarter of M-Z and many made great strides towards their Graduation Goal.

Seniors will continue to meet with me for their Graduation Plans and to start their FAFSA and college applications. FAFSA window has opened! Click on pictures for links to applications

Included in this Newsletter:

  • Links to Financial Aid Applications and information
  • Survey on what you want to know about Delta College
  • Link for Virtual College Fair

  • Link for apps for workouts (exercise) and meditation
  • Links for music to listen to while studying
  • Videos about reaching goals and youth supporting each other

Financial Aid and Future Planning

Upcoming Virtual College Fairs

At this College Fair you will be able to ask questions and get information on colleges around the United States. Sunday, October 18th and November 8th Get ideas and Dream BIG!

Big picture

Don't forget to keep track of your exercise routine and steps to turn in for credits!

Exercise Help

Maybe you're stuck indoors; maybe you have opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whichever it is, building in daily exercise is good for both overall health and mental health. Here's a list of top free workout apps.

How to make your Dreams Happen -Videos to inspire

Youth-United! Think Before You Type (A Teaching Tolerance film)

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.—B. B. King

Click on Pictures to hear MUSIC and listen while you study

Theresa Catalano

PPS School Counselor,

LMFT #105101

Jane Frederick High School