Duke University

Eruditio et Religio

Basic School Information

  • Located: Durham, North Carolina
  • Strong Medical Program
  • Total Cost for 4 years: $272,000
  • Student to Teacher Ration 8:1
  • Enrollment: 14,850
  • Acceptance Rate: 9.4%

Location Information

Raleigh Durham, North Carolna


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Weather and Geography


Fall Temperature Ranges From: 40 Degrees to 75 degress

Winter Temperature Ranges From: 28 Degress to 55 degrees

Spring Temperature Ranges from 40 Degrees to 80 Degrees

Summer Temperature Ranges from 70 Degress to 90 Degrees

Geographical Features around Duke University.

Atlantic Ocean

Appalachian Mountains

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Paying for College

There are a few ways I plan to play for college.

  • Scholarships
  • Get a Job
  • Save money
  • Get a job in High School
  • Hopefully my family can help me

Volunteer Work

  • Duke Regional Hospital
  • Duke Raleigh Hospital
  • Duke Medicine Pavillion
  • Surgery Center Volunteer