JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of March 18, 2019

What's going on in class?


Last week we continued working on equations and expressions. This week we will finish this unit and begin unit 5. The final quiz for unit 4 will be this week.

Language Arts

This past week in Language Arts students continued reading Black Ships Before Troy, answered questions over the reading, and discussed elements that make a story everlasting. This week we hope to finish our reading of Black Ships Before Troy.

State testing will be coming up for Language Arts on April 8th - 10th. Please make sure your child is at school these days with their computers charged.


Team 2 Scientists moved on to Chemistry last week! Earth Surface books should have been taken home at the beginning of the week and do not need to be returned to school. Our first chapter is Introduction to Matter, and seems to be a nice review for some students. Mrs. Green took a Minecraft in the Classroom course on Wednesday of last week and even though she it stressed her out, she survived! Friday we will be using Minecraft to do an Element Scavenger Hunt. This will only need to be done during class, even though students could use the world again at home on their own if they would like to.

Social Studies

Last week we took a look at the geography of Ancient Rome with all of the physical features that help and hinder its growth. We also discussed the two social classes of Rome with Patricians and Plebians, taking note of the major differences and similarities. This week we are looking into the Government of Rome and how it is similar to our Republic in the U.S.A. There will be a short quiz that covers both government and social classes so make sure your students have their notes filled out. We will finish this week with Julius Caesar and it will count towards our last quiz grade for the six weeks. Continue to check Skyward and make sure your students are caught up in all classes.


What parents need to know...

State Assessments

State testing for English Language Arts and Math will be coming up April 8th - 10th and April 15th - 17th. If possible, please make sure your child is in attendance, well rested, and their computer is with him/her and charged these days.

JCMS is in need of a few more snacks for State Assessments.

Sign-up here: http://signup.com/go/otAhotc. Thank you for your donations!

Upcoming Events

3/27- Library Day

4/8 - 4/10- ELA State Testing

4/10- Library Day

4/15 - 4/17- Math State Testing

4/19- No School

4/22- No School


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