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Showing How Inclusivity Nurtures Equity (Vol VIII 9.15.22)

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From the Director's Desk


"Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation" is the 2022 Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month theme. The theme encourages everyone to make sure that all voices are presented, welcomed, and respected to help build a stronger nation. Ms. Ily Soares submitted the winning theme. She stated:

“Hispanics in the United States are a diverse group who bring a rich combination of language, culture, educational backgrounds, and experience to the great American experiment. This diverse background brings with it a wealth of ideas and perspectives. One uniting factor within our Hispanic community is our desire to be included and represented in all aspects of American society. As has been proven, when different voices are sitting at the metaphorical table and included in key decisions, the entire community benefits from greater solutions that address the concerns of all people. Whether it be education, government, business, or the environment, ensuring that all voices are represented provides results in better and more thoughtful decisions. These improved decisions support the greater good and minimize any negative impacts on marginalized communities and people of color. We call on citizens of this nation from all walks of life to look around and welcome new voices to the table. This will help us build stronger communities and in turn, a stronger nation."

The poster this year was designed by Ms. Irene Matos Chan. When describing her thoughts when creating the poster she said "I am biracial and I wanted to represent my Hispanic culture and the Hispanic countries. I want people to connect to their Hispanic culture and show it and express it to their community. [The poster] expresses that you should be proud of your race no matter what it is, and be proud to show it and represent it."

Established in 1968, the U.S. Congress adopted the proclamation for "National Hispanic Heritage Week." In 1998, the week was extended to a month to honor the remarkable contributions that Hispanic/Latinx Americans have made to our nation and world. The dates of the celebration are from September 15-October 15. The dates were selected because they coincide with many of the Independence Days in Latin American countries.

The PPS Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will observe National Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans whose families are rooted in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central & South America. Each day we will be posting a notable Hispanic/Latinx American who has made an impact in the world. Follow us on Twitter @PPSOfficeofDEI to read about the achievements of the Hispanic/Latinx Americans that we are recognizing.

If your school is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, let us know so that we can showcase your great work.

Recognize, Accept, and Celebrate Diversity!

Dr. "PC"


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Navigating Towards Equity- VA Equity Directors' Summer Conference

During the summer, the PPS Office of DEI had the privilege of hosting the inaugural VA Equity Directors' Summer Conference. It was held on the Portsmouth campus of TCC and welcomed Equity Directors from across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Sessions included "Power 15" Self Care Journaling facilitated by Mrs. Kiyaana Jones, from Isle of Wight Public Schools; The Basics 101: LGBTQ+ facilitated by Dr. Janeen Perry-Campbell, PPS; The Heart of the Matter facilitated by Mrs. Tawana Fortune Ed.S. from Chesapeake PS; The Role of Mindfulness & Leading with Equity facilitated by Mrs. Mylira Green, LCSW; State of Equity with VDOE presented by Mrs. Adria Merritt, VDOE Director for Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion Pathways; and Utilizing Data to Cultivate Equitable Systems facilitated by Dr. Sebrina Lindsey-Law, from Virginia Beach PS.

The one-day conference was an informative packed day of engaging activities and best practices that advance equity work. Directors were able to go back to their respective school divisions with guidance from VDOE as well as best practices that have been successful in other school divisions.

Librarians have the best resources.

From websites to periodicals, this academic library site has pulled some cool resources for teaching Hispanic Heritage Month, including a worksheet exercise for students to search the database for info about important Hispanic/Latinx Americans.


Classroom Activities

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From the White House: President Biden's Proclamation on National Hispanic Heritage Month 2022



Decorate your classroom!

Free downloadable posters for Hispanic Heritage Month

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What's the difference between Hispanic and Latino? (Vocabulary Lesson)

Did you know Hispanic and Latino are not the same?

Hispanic refers to people who have origins in Spanish-speaking countries. The US government uses the term as a universal word to mean "Spanish-speaking groups."

Latinx-is the gender-neutral form of Latino/Latina. It refers to people who have heritage in Latin America and/or the Caribbean.

So, a person from Brazil is Latinx and not Hispanic because they would speak Portuguese as their native language.

A person from Spain is Hispanic and not Latinx because they come from a Spanish-speaking country that is in Europe.

PPS Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Dr. Janeen Perry-Campbell, Director