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January 4, 2021


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We hope you had a wonderful holiday break, took some time to rest and recharge, and are ready to enter this new year with a fresh mindset!

Some important reminders:
  • the second marking period is over on January 27th
  • any day that you are home, you MUST submit the attendance google form on your homeroom google classroom between 7:25- 7:30am (if you are late submitting it, have a parent/guardian call the middle school attendance line, otherwise you will be marked absent for the day!)
  • if you are struggling in any classes, be sure to attend office hours at least once per week, email your teachers, and challenge yourself to participate more in class and ask questions- if you haven't been doing these things yet, you will see how they can help dramatically!
  • if you need to chat, vent, have a question, etc., reach out to your school counselor... we'd be happy to set up a google meet with you!


With a new year and a fresh start, we wanted to share some information with you all on the topic of Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets. Maybe this is something you've heard of or learned about, or maybe it's brand new to you, but either way, it can help you shift your perspective, the way you approach challenges, and even turn your school year around if you have been struggling with remote learning and just aren't sure what else you can do to make it work!
To put it simply, a fixed mindset is believing that the skills you have (or don't have) were decided for you at birth and there's no way to really change them, while a growth mindset is believing that your brain can grow and that just because something is challenging now, doesn't mean you can't excel at it in the future.
If you have had thoughts like 'I'm never going to be good at math' or 'I'll never make the soccer team', you might have a fixed mindset. Take a look below to see how you change change your thoughts to a growth mindset, and then take a look at the video under the 'Essentials with Ms. Ellingsen' section!
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Essentials With Miss Ellingsen

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like you want to just give up when you have a seemingly difficult task ahead of you? Are you currently feeling this way about your grades or attitude toward school? You may be living with a fixed mindset and could benefit greatly from changing your perspective to a growth mindset. Fresh from the holiday break and just past the midpoint of the marking period, I highly encourage you to check out the resource below to understand what a growth mindset is and how it can help you accomplish your task or reach your goals, because you can!
Developing A Growth Mindset

JTMS Counseling Department

Your counselors are here for you! Parents, students, teachers: please get in touch with us any time you have a question or concern. We care about you!

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