by jocelin chavez

1)What do you hope to accomplish during highschool?

I hope to focus in all my classes to get good grades. Pass all my test and try to have a good memorized mind.

2)What do you see yourself doing after highschool?

Going to collage and getting degrees getting majored in biology .

3)What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?

I would probably still be in university trying to finish so when im done i can become a doctor.

4) 3 things you could do to improve your health.

1)eat healthy
2)don't use a lot of chemicals in my hair
3)work out more

5)At home i like to ........

Eat a lot and watch different kind of movies wile being on my i pad.

6)At school i like to ......

Listen to music and read.

7)People i like to hang out with ....

People that are smart and crazy but funny at the same time.

8)I am good at ......

running , reading sometimes and listening to a lot of music as much as organizing my things.

9)A quality i like about myself and that i'd like to change

Not carrying about anyone

10)Something new id like to try.

Learning things on subjects i don't like

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12)what do you feel like are posities and negatives on your health today?

positive things are that i work out every day i am not always being lazy .some negative things are that i don't eat healthy and i force my self to much in working out.