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Week of December 2nd to 6th

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Blended learning... a term that has been at the forefront of modern education and is becoming the standard for today's schools. In Bandera ISD we are fortunate enough to be forging our existence onto the digital map and we are making a profound impact while doing so.

If we look back to be beginning of this idea just a little over a year ago many of us can remember the excitement and fear it brought. Teachers were concerned about their technology skills and often times questioned their capabilities to house such a learning environment. Our district administrators were concerned for student safety as we charted our way through unfamiliar territories, and all the while our IT department quaked at the idea of providing enough bandwidth and firewall for everyone. Yet here we are, and we are rocking it! We are not at the top of our game yet, but we are working hard and collaborating more now to ensure our settlement into blended learning is a success. We are continually gaining more access to training, developing networks with schools that have been down similar paths, and relying a great deal on each other to conquer the integration of technology while maintaining the balance of unplugged learning methods. In just a year we have established more blended learning technology and have received more training for the advancement of our twenty-first century learners than we have in a decade.

What is so advantageous about creating a blended learning environment you may ask. Through the incorporation of technology we can engage our students in different ways than before, we can increase independence and acquisition of responsibility, and we can also increase student ownership of their learning. Through the use of integrated technology we can incorporate choice of learning that meets every child's individual need, while providing them with life long skills for the future ahead. Educators can also create a classroom that is accessible for the students when they cannot physically be there, or for parents to step into without having to leave work or the comfort of their homes. Even though this technology is utilized to benefit learning, please do not mistake that it is not the only method of educating our students from this point forward. Just as with any other aspect of life a fine balance between the two ensures that all skills, at various levels, are acquired and that human interaction is not erased.

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As we approach the holiday season and are faced with colder temperatures, please do not forget to stay in check with our social media avenues for updates on severe weather and school reports. See the links at the bottom of this blog.

Please have your children to school on time everyday. Your child's presence is valued! If your child is late, please walk and sign them in and the front office. If your child is absent or if your child leaves early for an appointment please send in a note.

8:00 and you are late!

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The week before Thanksgiving Break was jam packed with fun activities!

2nd Grade showed off their collaborative balloon STEM project.

We were thankful for all of the Alkek family members that attended our annual Thanksgiving lunch!

The attendance challenge cook out was dog-gone good!