authors come up with their ideas

I emailed 4 authors this question and these are there replies!!

Most stories spring up out of a real incident. For instance, I was inspired to write The Last Dragon Chronicles after buying a clay dragon from a craft fair.

~Chris d'Lacey

I get my ideas for books from my own kids and sometimes from other children. Often when I am telling stories I will say I am going to make up a new story. I get a kids name to use in the story and I still don't know what I am going to say. I just say whatever comes into my head and see if it's good. Usually it isn't. But sometimes it is very good. Lots of my books have started this way.

~Robert Munsch

Most of my ideas come from people I meet, conversations I have, things I see in the news or in the world around me. I have had the odd dream that I wake up from, wondering, "Would that make a good story?" but I have never actually followed up on one of these.

~Maureen Ulrich

I did email another author named Chris Wooding but he did not reply back to me yet.

My findings of how authors come up with their ideas

Authors come up with their ideas by the world around them. Like Robert Munsch writes his story's about his kids and his kids ideas. If I wrote a story it would be easy if I used the world around me for amazing ideas.