Taylor's Conference

By: the one and only very special... Taylor Pinske


a picture of me
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What we are working on

Math-unit 8


ELA-Discovery simulation

Science-Oil spill

Our Teachers

  • Miss Voeller
  • Mrs. Leguizamon
  • Mr. Nordick (Science)

My Favorite fifth grade feild trip so far is the ski trip

I had a lot of fun and got to do something that I enjoy to do

When I look over my work so far these are some things that i am doing well

I'm doing well on my tests this year

I don't disrupt the teacher much

One thing I want to acomplish before the end of the year

I want to finish my book

I will accomplish this by reading

Some of my favorite series so far our...

The Hobbit


Some of my friends

(=Thank you for coming=)