The Wonderful World of 7 White

February 20th, 2016

Social Studies

These past few weeks of Social Studies have been super fun! We are working on a religion project in which we do research on the 5 main religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islamics. Then, we have to put all the information we gathered into one final product, and present to Mr. Samorian. Last week, we focused on finishing research for all 5 religions. Then this week we focused on making the final product. My group made a song which was mostly about the culture of each religion, and we made a presentation about some of the other information we gathered. It has been a very busy past 2 weeks, but it was super fun and we learned so much. That's all for now!


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Language Arts

Language arts class with Ms. DiVenere is engaging and displays much knowledge. Our class just concluded the research project, “How To Change the World”. I chose children and teens over-utilizing technology. Just last week, we continued to work on the project. This included conducting an interview with a professional, writing an essay, and note-taking on multiple articles. This week, we put all of our research and information into an electronic or physical binder that will be on exhibit soon for parents and classmates. This project ceased with the students gaining more knowledge on their topic, and hopefully students take action in making a positive change in the world.

This information is brought to you by Emmy St. John.

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Math- Core 1 & Core 3

These last two weeks in math class have been off the chart! We were working on unit rate and rate and learning what the difference is in between the two. A rate, for example, is 360 miles per 8 hours while a unit rate for that rate is 45 miles per hour. Last week, we were working on complex fractions, complex unit rate and dimensional analysis. On Friday, after we took our computation quiz on the complex unit rates/fractions and dimensional analysis, we started learning about how you solve proportions. Over these past couple of weeks we have had a great deal to do, but we have learned a lot of new things. That's all for now.

This is Lily Bernstein signing off!

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Math- Core 2 & Core 4

Over the past week or so in math, core 2 and 4 have been learning how to find the Constant of Proportion, or the C.O.P. We have identified the C.O.P. using data from graphs and tables. In our classes, we learned that in order to find the C.O.P., you must put the number from the Y axis over the X axis. We were also taught that when you find the Constant of Proportion, you should test more than one point on your graph, or row in your data, so that you can make sure that the C.O.P. is correct. In order to make sure that we are understanding the information, we have weekly computation quizzes, which are really helpful.

-Izzy Strauss

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These last two weeks of science have been really interesting! We’ve been working on genetics the past two weeks, and all the different mutations and disorders that come from your genes. This week we’re doing a project where each person researches a different genetic disorder. Last week we learned about the three different types of mutation (deletion, substitution, and addition) and did a lab on Down Syndrome where we analyzed mice to see which one had Down Syndrome. It’s been a busy but very interesting past two weeks and I learned a lot of new stuff that I had always found to be interesting topic but had never learned much about.

This is Claire Dellorto signing off!

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Norhtern Illinois Food Bank Field Trip

The students of 7 White recently took a field trip to two different Northern Illinois Food Bank locations. With the help of our compassionate students and parent volunteers, our team packed 34,620 pounds of food for families in need!