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Books, accesories, technological devices, kitchenware, bears and much much more!

Frame your memories

HAND MADE frame for pictures and photos
Painted and decorated with DECOUPAGE technique
Beautiful, cheerful design
☞ Great price! ❊ As low as €8

Feeling lonely? Teddy bear will help!

Clever adviser on emotionally sensitive topics. Great companion for long drinking nights! Sweet, comforting, huggable... and a great gift too!
Height 55 cm (and still growing!)
☞ Best addition to your family for just €15

Nations and Firms in the Global Economy

Thinking about starting a career in International Economics? You'd better start reading!
Book in immaculate conditions
☞ 50% cheaper than new ❊ Just €20

Geographies of Development

Third edition
Book in good conditions (some pages highlighted with markers)
☞ 55% cheaper than new ❊ For as little as €20

Dutch beyond 'dankjewel' and 'alsjeblieft'

Book in good conditions (a few exercises written in pencil and around six pages in pen)
☞ Over 50% cheaper than new ❊ As low as €15

Room without WIFI? No problem!

Wireless freedom, superior wireless coverage, security made simple. Mint conditions. Only 3 months of use!
Specs and features here
☞ 40% off ❊ Our lose, your gain ❊ €15

Nick Hornby - High Fidelity

High Fidelity (1995) is a novel by British author Nick Hornby. It has sold over a million copies and was adapted into a 2000 film directed by Stephen Frears and starring John Cusack. Highly recommendable! Book in great conditions!
☞ Take it home for just €2

Messy kitchen? Not anymore!❊ SOLD ❊

Length: 46 cm, Width: 36 cm, Height: 12 cm
Pristine conditions, almost new!
☞ 65% cheaper than new ❊ Just €1 ☜

Set of 3 pots... ❊ SOLD ❊

Highly resistant, beautiful design
Only one barely used, the rest almost brand new!
☞ 50% off ❊ Buy them all for as little as €15 ☜

Tired of carrying bags? ❊ SOLD ❊

Easy to install, easier to remove, plug and ride!
Brand new, never used!
☞ 20% off ❊ Great opportunity ❊ Only €10 ☜

Breakfast in bed! ❊ SOLD ❊

Length: 52 cm. Width: 35 cm. Height: 4 cm.
Lightweight, easily washable, smart design
☞ 50% cheaper than new ❊ Just €1 ☜

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