Andrew Jackson

Spoils System

The spoils system lets supporters and political allies of winning presidents have access to government jobs, even with little or zero experience.The system went into action when Jackson took office, in 1829. The system was a way for Jackson to bribe people into voting for him, promising them jobs in return. To start the system.Jackson fired all existing staff, and hired his supporters.

Trail of Tears

The Cherokee nation lived in Georgia, where land was desirable for many reasons. Two reasons being, the ability to grow cotton, and the other being the ability to find gold. Jackson allowed the government to "exchange" the Indians land with less desirable land west of Mississippi. After the ruling of the Worcester vs. Georgia trial said that Jackson could not interfere, Jackson signed the Indian removal act, which caused the Trail of Tears.

Nullification Crisis

The Southern region of the U.S. was upset about tariffs, because they were losing all of their money. South Carolina decides that they have had enough of the taxes ,and threatens the Federal government with a Nullification Act, saying that they will leave the Union. Congress passes the Force Bill, which forces South Carolina and the rest of the region to pay they taxes, or the U.S. Army would get involved. After the Force Bill was passes, South Carolina quickly gave in and had to accept the taxes and tariffs.

Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows Jackson just a hand reach away from despotism, or absolute power. It also shows Jackson on a pyramid of different aspects people saw him as. One aspect was deception, mainly because he deceived America. Another aspect is treason, because Jackson overruled the government on many occasions.

Letter from Cherokee

I am a Cherokee, and I do not like President Jackson. He unrightfully took my peoples land just so his people could grow cotton and find gold. Around half of my people died on the way to our new reservation. We were forced to drop everything we ever had and move to a completely different location with nothing desirable about it.

Letter from a plantation owner

I am a plantation owner, and I love Jackson. He traded land with some Natives and got the U.S. some great land! Now me and my family are moving to Georgia to a bigger plantation so we can grow more cotton. Oh and I also heard that there are higher chances to find gold out there on the new land, maybe I will find some. :)