The Year Of The Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

The Beginning

Creighton is a trouble maker and his Mom is having difficulty controlling him. Creighton often goes to the bar and gambles.He is going home when he is kidnapped. He is supposed to be sent to Florida but the ship is overtaken by privateers.The new course they are set on is to New Orleans.


Creighton meets Dr.Franklin and he lives with him. Dr.Franklin makes a bet with Creighton if he has to work for him at the printing press. Creighton loses and has to work for Dr.Franklin. Creighton's uncle is taken prisoner and Creighton attempts to break him out and gives him a pistol. Dr.Franklin learns that Creighton was involved in the breakout. Dr.Franklin's printing press is burned down by British soldiers. Dr.Franklin is injured during the fire.


Dr.Franklin dies of his injuries from the fire. Creighton agree's to take part in a plan to rescue George Washington and get revenge on his uncle. Creighton is told to decode a message. He does not believe he decoded the message correctly. He gets in a duel with Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold wins the Duel and kills him. They go and see if George Washington can be rescued. They find out that George Washington was hung. Instead of finding George Washington they find Creighton's father who was not hung. They escape with his father and Creighton and his father go back to Britain.
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