Tell-Tale Heart

By Edger Alen Poe


In the story “Tell-Tale Heart” the Narrator lived with an Old Man who had an eye that the Narrator hated and called “The Vulture Eye” (bum bum bummmmmm). The Narrator was crazy but he said he was brilliant because of how cautious and how he planned on the way he was going to kill the Old Man. When the time came the Narrator went to the Old man’s bedroom and watched him for two hours then he flipped the bed over on top of the old man! He smothered the Old man with the bed until he was “Stone Dead”. But when he attacked the Old man he let out a yelp that the neighbors heard so they notified the police. But as they were notifying the police the Narrator dismantled and hid the body. Finally the police got there to the house and knocked on the door. Well the Narrator thinking he was so smart let them in and acted like nothing happened. So he invited the police in and he brought up some chairs for them to sit in so the police started to chat for a while. Well the Narrator was getting angry and his anger grew so he spazzed out and the police arrested him.


We can infer that the Narrator was crazy because, even though he said he was not crazy and that he was brilliant, who would kill somebody just because they had a featre about them that they didnt like i know i wouldnt.


The conflict was between the Narrator and the Old Man's "Vulture eye". I say this because the Narrator hated the eye and he thought that the only way to resolve the problem was to kill the old man.


The characters influince the theme by making the theme dark. This is because the Narrator always watched the Old man wile he sleeped.