Let Freedom Ring!

By:Alyssa Braddom, James Krape, Donna Danyali, Janae Nichols

The Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776 at Philadelphia John Trumbull, 1818

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The Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776 at Philadelphia

Artist Bio

John Trumbull was born in Connecticut in 1756. John came from a wealthy and privileged background as his father was the governor of CT. At age 15 John went to Harvard in 1771 and graduated in 1773. Since he lived during the revolutionary war, he served for a while as Washington's personal aide during the war. He was imprisoned for 7 months in London during the war and returned to the U.S. after his release at the end of the war. A majority of John's paintings are based on the revolutionary war due to the impact it had at the time and on his life. John also lost use of one eye which most likely influenced his painting style.

Art Critique

The people on the right side of the painting are drawn with more detail and dark clothing which attracts more attention to them. The light shining down on the group of men in the middle emphasizes the people's importance in the creation of the Declaration of Independence. The contrast in color between the papers and the table cloth cause the papers to stand out to the viewer.

Story Truth

July 4, 1776,

Today 'twas the day that freedom truly rang through the land of the people. A sense of relief and patriotism was set forth upon the signing of our holy doctrine. We titled it "The Declaration of Independence" and in it we both declared our independence from British rule as well as voicing the grievances of the people for the liberty of the people. This doctrine shall be the start of a new era for our country. This doctrine shall be a prime example for the governments to come. This doctrine shall be the emblem of our country for as long as our people shall remain free. God Bless America.

-Thomas Jefferson

Happening Truth

On July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and wrote up the Declaration of Independence to declare independence from Great Britain. A committee of five had already drafted up the document. Thomas Jefferson is given the most credit for the writing of the document. On July 4th, the Continental Congress gathered and all signed the document which declared their intent and reason to break away from the mother country.

War Truth

The signing of the Declaration of Independence represented the start of the Revolutionary War, signifying the separation between the Americas and its previous mother country. This document contained the grievances between the colonist and the British, fueling the upcoming war. This war would cost the lives of many soldiers from each side, and would represent the actual separation between the two nations. The many victories and losses of the United States caused the loss of many lives from the Battle of Bunker Hill to Lexington and Concord to Saratoga. The signing of this document was the death sentence of many colonists and soldiers.