January, 2016

Rosie Revere, Engineer

by Andrea Beaty
Rosie Revere, Engineer

About the Author

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Andrea Beaty: From Orange Crush Lover to Author

"Andrea Beaty grew up in a small town in southern Illinois. She spent her time drinking Orange Crush, reading Nancy Drew, and secretly dreaming of becoming a Broadway star. Instead of belting out show tunes for a living, Andrea decided to go to college.

She attended Southern Illinois University and majored in Biology and Computer Science. After working at a computer software company and as a technical writer, Andrea began writing for children. You can learn all about Andrea and her books at"

What's an Engineer? Crash Course Kids #12.1
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Triangle, square and circle. Which paper is the strongest?

Challenge Instructions

  • Use regular copy paper, not card stock for this challenge.
  • Fold each paper into the three shapes and secure with tape.
  • Slowly pile books on top of each shape.

NOTE: Have at least 15 small chapter books (like MAGIC TREE HOUSE books). Use them in the same order on each of the shape towers to get reliable results

How many books can you pile on top of each shape? Do this experiment three times and record your results.

Challenge documentation is due no later than February 15, 2016!

Challenge documentation is required. Include a statement of the challenge, a list of the materials you use. The procedure you will use. The results of each of the three attempts. Note any changes you make to the original plan. End with a statement or presentation of your challenge. Video or photo images are welcomed.

You are a "Problem Solver!"

If you want to do more......

(This is not part of the challenge--this is just for FUN!)

Improve the ROSIE-COPTER

Can you change the blades on Rosie Revere's copter to make it fall to the ground as slowly as possible.

Get the complete instructions at

The instructions for the challenge are on pages 11-16.

Help Rosie Reach Her Dreams

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