Ancient Egypt

By: Dylan Napier

Farming products

Egyptians would grow crops such as wheat and barley. They used plows pulled by cattle and wooden hoes to move the dirt.

Farming Methods

the Egyptians waited for it to rain and the Nile river to flood.

Enemies and protection

Tehenu is there enemy they fought and fought again years later.For their protection there where two seas the Mediterranean to the north and the Red sea to east. the also had the western desert to the west and the Nile running down the middle

Written communication

The first found writing was from 3300 BC. They carved it in stone or a hard materials. Later Egyptians learned how to make papyrus a paper like material made of reeds. scribes wrote on it with brushes and ink.

Education system

Most Egyptians received education. They learn mostly morals, writing, math, and sports. Most left school at the age of 14 to enter their fathers profession to work.

Current population

there current population is 80,335,036

current type of goverment

They have a republic government.