NE State Fair 4-H Fashion Show Info

Information for Exhibitors & Families

2022 Nebraska State Fair 4-H Fashion Show

We are so excited for the 2022 State Fair Fashion Show! We are preparing to have TONS of FUN!

Informational Zoom

We are having an informational Zoom on Thursday, August 18 at 7:00 p.m. CT to show you the space, outline the procedure for modeling, and discuss judging. There will also be some time for questions. Please pre-register for this zoom. (This link should be working now!)

Where & When?

The Fashion Show will take place

  • SATURDAY, August 27, 2022
  • at Raising Nebraska on the Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Grand Island, Nebraska.
  • Take a virtual tour of Raising Nebraska.

Fashion Show Times

Due to the dressing room size of our location, we had to split our 4-H Fashion Show into 3 smaller shows:
  • Dressing rooms - can only accommodate 50 exhibitors
  • Seating for Spectators - can only accommodate 250
Which Show Am I In?

Click to check-out our show listing. If there are issues, please contact by August 25th. Note: this show order is tentative, it is possible changes may be made (we will try to not move you to a different show).

So, How Will This Work?

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Participants will register and enter on the East side of Raising Nebraska, the entrance will be marked with a sign and a Registration table. Participants will get a packet which will include:

  • A Handout with important reminders.
  • An Exhibitor Number - to denote 1) which dressing room they go to and 2) which order they will be in the show. Once dressed, please pin this on your garment (on the left front bodice of your garment).

Once an Exhibitor is admitted into the building, they are not allowed to leave until the show is over (unless released by a parent - in this case the parent needs to go to the registration table). Masks are not required, but encouraged.


There will be two dressing rooms: Room #1 - Agri-House, and Room #2 - Grain Bin. The dressing rooms will be assigned to you based on your exhibitor number.
  • Please stay in your assigned dressing room. This will help us keep the show in order.
  • Dressing rooms are open to the contestants only - before, during, and after the Fashion Show.

There will be volunteers who are serving as our "Hostesses". Their jobs are to 1) assist in the dressing area, 2) help you get your exhibitor number pinned on, 3) remind you to get your photo taken, 3) line you up for the show, and 5) escort you to the runway. If you need to use the restroom, please ask your Hostess to let you in/out to use the restrooms in the Foyer.


There is an optional rehearsal during the registration time for the exhibitors to practice walking the runway. This is a good time to practice walking in your shoes! The rehearsal will conclude 15 minutes before the show. Rehearsal times are as follows:
  • Show #1: 8:10-8:45 AM
  • Show #2: 10:10-10:45 AM
  • Show #3: 12:10-12:30 PM

To rehearse, check-in with the volunteer at the beginning of the Runway (South end of the Pivot).

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The show will be runway style this year - there will not be pivoting on the runway.
  • The runway will begin at the base of the Pivot (South end) - a volunteer will be positioned here to help. This year an introduction phrase will be used to announce your name and county. Background music will be playing.
  • First, you will walk up the Side #1 (Right side) of the Pivot, then stop briefly on the "X" in the center of the runway. Feel free to pose at this time. The next exhibitor will begin to walk as soon as you leave the "X".
  • Then, you will continue to walk up Side #1 to the end of the Pivot (North end) - a volunteer will be positioned here to help.
  • Between Side #1 and Side #2 of the runway, you will model before the judges. Each participant will only model before one judge, for approximately one minute. You may model in a pattern (triangle, square, etc.) and pivot. Be sure to show the judge all sides of your garment, and feature parts that you're most proud of. The judge will have your SF 25 or SF184 form that you submitted and may ask you questions.
  • Once you have finished with the judge, you will walk back down Side #2 (Left side) of the Pivot, then stop briefly on the "X" in the center of the runway. You may pose again at this time.
  • Near the end of the show, a volunteer will gather you to do the grand finale - where the whole group will walk down Side #1, then Side #2 of the runway (approximately 10-12 feet between each exhibitor).


In the past, professional photographs have been taken of each exhibitor. This is something we are planning on again this year. Photographs will be taken during the registration time, during the show, and after the show. We will be keeping track of everyone who gets their photo taken, but it is not required. These photos work great for a press release. Photos will be available for download and will be posted on the 4-H State Fair Fashion Show website.


Spectators will enter of the East side of Raising Nebraska at the entrance marked "Spectator Entrance" (the farthest North entrance on the East side).
  • The admission line will form against the building at the Northeast doors to Raising Nebraska.
  • This event is open to the public, no tickets are required this year.
  • Doors will open 10-15 minutes before the show.
  • Seating is on a first-come basis.
  • We will not have paper Fashion Show programs, but will have a digital copy that you can access on your device. This will be announced at the show.


Results will not be announced as they have been in past years; however, ribbons and scoresheets will be available to pick-up at the table by the exit after the completion of the Fashion Show.
  • The Wool award will be announced at the conclusion of Show #1
  • Best of Show awards will be awarded at the conclusion of Show #1 and Show #2
  • A Quilt of Valor will be awarded to a veteran at the conclusion of Show #3

Meet Your Fashion Show Superintendents

Issues on Fashion Show Day?

If you encounter issues on the day of Fashion Show, please text or call Jacie at 402-433-0561 or Stacey at 402-322-2937.

Jacie Milius | Co-Superintendent

4-H Youth Development Extension Educator

Nebraska Extension in Gage County

Focus area: Entrepreneurship, STEM & College/Career Readiness

Call/Text me at (402) 433-0561

Stacey Keys | Co-Superintendent

4-H Youth Development Extension Assistant

Nebraska Extension in Burt County

Focus area: STEM, Careers, Technology, Summer Reading Program, Positive Youth Development

Call/Text me at (402) 322-2937

Susan Brown | Tabulation Coordinator

Emeritus Extension Educator

Nebraska Extension