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January 24, 2022


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The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. -Coretta Scott King

Binkley Families,

The above quote has been felt greatly since we have returned from Winter Break. Our Binkley community has shown a tremendous amount of compassion and kindness to our teachers, staff, office manager & clerk, myself, and our COVID Health Assistance. It is appreciated beyond measure. As role models, you have set a tone for your children and we see the same compassion in them. We want to continue to have that kindness grow so we have an important week ahead that includes a challenge and a spirit week. Read on...


The Great Kindness Challenge empowers students to create a culture of kindness in their school and community. This annual event is put on by Kids for Peace and encourages children all over the world to focus on being kind to others by completing kind acts from the Great Kindness Challenge checklist. Students will receive their checklist on Monday and will spend the week doing kind activities from the list. Binkley Elementary School is proud to be one of over 33 thousand schools in over 110 countries who participate in this program. Our wonderful counselor, Cindy Miller leads this week for us, and we are so happy to show our kindness in person this year. See below for our Kindness Spirit Week dress days.


We need your help! If your child is absent, please call the attendance line. It is our regular phone number, 707-539-6060, and you do not need to wait for any prompts, just hit 1 and leave a message. This goes directly to our office clerk, Mrs. Robyn allowing her to check off absences faster. Please let us know why your child is absent, so we can assist in any way possible.


There are so many changes with guidelines around COVID. Our superintendent, Dr. Smith does the majority of communication around these, but please, never hesitate to ask follow up, further questions or need for clarity. Yet, please direct those to myself ( or our COVID Health Assistant (

A focus for this year is to let teachers do what they are masters of - TEACH, uninterrupted - thus COVID related questions, concerns, or issues; please send our direction, taking the burden away from our wonderful teachers. We communicate regularly and privately with your chid's classroom teacher around absences and illness, so if you let us know, we will tell them, unless you direct us otherwise.


Our district is participating in the county's Youth Truth survey to gather information about the climate and culture of our school and district. There are three surveys: student (grade 3-6), staff, and families. Please participate so we can get feedback on how to be the best school for your family.

Click the button below to complete the family Youth Truth survey.

Deadline: this Wednesday, 1/26



Harmony Harvell, Principal

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Deadline: this Wednesday, 1/26


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