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Join in the "What Caused It" Workshop on Aseptics

Aseptic Unit in the Virtual Hospital

The virtual hospital aseptic unit has a problem. Can you solve it using the clues, links and other information. You do not need prior in depth knowledge to participate as all the information you need will be provided.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the effects of air flow in a clean room supplied by a HAVC system

Understand the causes and consequences of pressure loss


The Story. Episode 1

It is a cold Friday morning in the Midlands, the pavements and roads were covered in a thin layer of ice. Amy was on her way to work, her week wasn't going the way she had planned. The weather had been really horrible last night and her car had broken down on the way home, she had to get the bus to work today. Her car had been towed to the garage this morning. I hope it doesn't cost too much to get fixed she thought? Her mind turned to the party she was going to on Saturday she hoped it was going to be fun.
Storm weather forecast for the UK
Amy entered the hospital, grabbing a coffee at the Hospital Friends shop, she carried on along to the Pharmacy tea room. Funny, she thought, its 8.50am and normally Padmini was fussing about starting work, where was she? Amy finished her coffee, 9am, time to start she whispered to herself and went along to the changing area for the aseptic unit.

As she entered she saw Padmini and Subira standing by the pressure monitoring gauges looking very concerned.

"Morning ladies, you're looking very worried, everything ok", Amy said pleasantly,

"No, not really the pressures are down", replied Padmini

"I'll go and speak to Brian, have you seen him yet" said Subira.

"Yes he was in the coffee shop when I left, must be in the department by now", Amy stated.

Daily Pressure Differential reading

Click on the link below to see the reading for the last 2 weeks

Episode Two

Sabira entered Brian's office, he was nowhere to be seen, so she left a note on his desk asking him to contact her as soon as he could. Subira suddenly remembered a workshop about the causes of loss of pressure that she had attended last year, she thought she might dig out the notes while she waited for Brian to return.

Meanwhile .....

Padmini and Amy were discussing the problem that the door to the changing room had caused last week. "It just wouldn't shut properly", Amy said.

"uhm" Padmini muttered, "but it's fine now".

Padmini changed the subject rapidly, not wanting to get into a long discussion about the door again. "Did you manage to put all the stock away yesterday," she asked Amy.

Amy smiled, "there was so much of it I had to put it on the floor, next to the vent".

"Maybe that's not the best place for it," Padmini said. "lets go and set up the material for this morning while we are waiting for the Brian and Subira to come back".

Please click on heading above "Subira's notes on air flow from study day

Episode Three

In another part of the Hospital Brian was in a meeting, along with his manager and other notable people. The meeting was being conducted by Harjinder the Estates Manager.

Harjinder stood up and shouted above the people, "So this is the damage that was caused last night, we have an army of contractors around the place repairing the damage, please let me know if you have an issue that we have not yet discovered".

Episode Four

Brian trudges back to his office, on his arrival he see's the note from Subira. He hurries into the aseptic unit, changing into his protective apparel he quickly locates Subira.

"So what's the problem," he asks.

Subira shows him the pressure reading. Brian sighs deeply, "right" he says, "I need to telephone Harjinder and get the HVAC people out urgently. I don't think we can use the facilities today, we need to contact people to see if we can make alternative arrangements.

The girls look confused, the readings are still in range, "I didn't think we need to close," says Amy.


  1. What are the problems/ issues here that makes Brian worried.
  2. What do you think is causing the Pressure Drops in this unit
  3. How can they be solved


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