The Tapeworm

Get Attatched

The Life of a Tapeworm

Where does a Tapeworm Live?

The Tapeworm is found mostly in 3rd world countries or infested waters. Once the parasite has found its host though, it is usually found living in the small intestine of the dog or cat, attached to the intestinal wall by several suckers as well as a structure called a rostellum which resembles a hat with hooks on it

How does a Tapeworm Feed?

A Tapeworm attaches itself to the small intestine of its host and from there sucks the nutrients out of the host thats's needed to survive.

How does a Tapeworm Reproduce?

Once the Parasite attaches itself to the host, it starts to grow. As it grows, old bits of the end of the tapeworm fall off and exit the host with stool. From there the bits are injected by flea larvae and it grows inside the body. The larvae pupates and is then digested by its host leaving a grown tapeworm.

What Kind of Hosts does a Tapeworm Prefer?

A tapeworm's choice of host is usually the small intestine of a dog or cat, but it will settle for a human, other animal, or any body cavity.

What Kinds of Special Adaptations does a Tapeworm have?

Tapeworms have little hooks and suckers that aid them in attaching themselves to their host and taking the needed nutrients.

What is the Average Size of a Tapeworm?

The average size of a fully grown tapeworm can range anywhere from 6 inches to 26 feet! A baby tapeworm, usually ranges from about 3-10 inches.

Fun Facts about the Tapeworm

Oral Medications are used to rid of the tapeworm, but the medications are not absorbed well by the body's digestive system.

Tapeworms may be haboured in the bowel for several years without causing much trouble except the passage of the segments of the tapeworms through the rectum.

They are unable to live outside a host's body.



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