Trip to Washington

8th Grade trip to Washington D.C.

Trip to D.C.

Our 8th grade trip from Crispell to D.C was fun and amazing! we saw many memorials and museums throughout the 3 days we were there.

Washington Monument

The Washington monument stands at 555 ft tall and is made of marble and a few other stones. It has two colors of stone in it because construction was stopped during the civil war and resumed after the end.
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Lincon and Jefferson Memorial

The lincon memorial stands at 98' 5 feet tall. When we looked outside from this memorial it was a spectaacular veiw of the Washington Monument and its reflectiong pool. This monument was built in 1966 for the in memorial of Abraham Lincoln. The Jefferson memorial stands at 19 feet tall and was constructed in 1943. this memorial is in memorial of

Tomas Jefferson.

the WWII memorial

This memorial was created to honor the service of 16 million members of the armed forces and the sacrifice of 405,399 Americans. The 56 granite columns symbolize the wartime unity with the 48 states, 7 federal territories, and the District of Columbia and have the names carved into them.
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Vietnam Memorial

The memorial has names of over 58,000 servicemen and women gave their life for the U.S. in the Vietnam war. "The Three Servicemen" statue and the Vietnam Women's Memorial also are nearby. This memorial honors those who died fighting in the war. it has the names of the soldiers carved onto the stone wall.
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US Capital

It has original documents and artifacts, and theaters. You can take a tour of the building and see many interesting features. The building and the tours explain how Congress works, history of the Capitol and the Congress and information Representatives and Senators. The purpose of the capital is to give a space that the Representatives and Senators fan meet and discuss important topics.
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Air and Space Museum

Twenty-three galleries showing many aircrafts, spacecraft, missiles, rockets, and other flight-related artifacts. This has so many cool space related artifacts and info on flight. It has many interactive areas that you can go to.

Sculpture garden

This is an outdoor "park" that you can walk through and view many different interesting pieces of artwork. Many of these pieces you have come up with an idea of what they are and you can decide this by your own creativity. There is a large fountain in the center of the garden, and many exhibits scattered around.

Arlington National Cemetery

while we were here we visited, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where we saw the changing of the guards, the gravesite of Audie Murphy the mast of the USS Maine ( we saw this one after it started to rain), the Challenger Memorial, and the Kennedy Gravesite. the Kennedy Gravesite had a bunch of his quotes engraved into stone and they were very inspiring and moving. This cemetery has 3 Kennedy brothers, and has thousands of buried soldiers. In order to be buried here you generally have to rank in the armed forces however there are some exceptions.
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White House

"It’s the “People’s House.” It’s a place that is steeped in history, but it’s also a place where everyone should feel welcome."- Michelle Obama

The white house may be a government building but it is still interesting to know about.

The white house Is the official residence and principal workplace of the President. Many events have been held on the front lawn of the white house. The president's family also lives in the white house.

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The National Zoo

About 2,000 animals and almost 400 species, some of which are endangered, live here. When we went to the zoo, one of my favorite animals I saw was the giant pandas. They have Asian elephants, cranes, gorillas, tigers, cheetahs, and many more types of animals there.

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The dinner dance that we went on was amazing! We had so much fun, and saw so many cool sites along the river. We saw the washington monument, and many amazing architectural buildings that were all lit up beautifully. One of the best parts of the cruise for me was that I got to spend time with my friends just having fun!

Traveling and the Hotel

we did not get back to the hotel until 10 or 11 each night and even then i didn't get to sleep until 12:20 or 1 in the morning. the Hotel was very large and the rooms were very suitable for 4 people. my room had a view of the lake behind the building and some of the buildings around us. i roomed with 3 of my very good friends and it was fun. the bus was very nice for a 6+ hour ride. we were on the bus every day, and our bus driver was Greg.
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Othe stuff that happened on the trip

On the way home we had to stop because one of our busses had an issue, and it ended up being pretty fun. We all stayed in a area of to the side of the rest stop, because the busses were getting too hot. Eventually we got the bus working and continued home.

My group

My group was me, BreAnna, Cat, And Sydney. They are all very good friends of mine, and it was fun to room together. On the bus I sat with Sydney, and it was really fun being able to have a friend to talk to.