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Transportation to ESL classes

Our issue is immigrants do not know English which prevents them from getting jobs. 20 percent of people in McLennan county speak a language other than English at home. In McLennan county, the unemployment rate is 3 percent . Due to unemployment, parents can't support their children's needs. Eventually, our goal will be to have the unemployment rate at 0 percent.

A day pass for the Waco Transit bus costs $3.00. In one day at iEngage, we raised $54.75. This is enough money to provide 18 people with a mode of transportation to and from the ESL classes. There are 7 locations that hosts the ESL classes taught by McLennan Community College. The application for the ESL classes are already written in Spanish which is convenient for immigrants.


After interviewing Aaliyah, a Baylor track and field student athlete, she said many of her friends from other countries struggled adjusting to the American language and culture. By providing transportation to ESL classes for immigrants, they will become more comfortable speaking in English to their peers. Chris, a maintenance manager at Baylor, said immigrants can benefit from attending an ESL class because they become confident in their speaking abilities and learn how to effectively communicate by practicing English with others.

Take Action

We will help immigrants learn English. By providing public transportation tickets to immigrants to attend ESL classes offered by McLennan Community College, we will equip immigrants with communication skills to be able to complete an application to enter the job force and become productive citizens.

To help with this issue, you can donate your spare change to "Change for Change." Change for Change will then give the money to Waco Transit for immigrants' bus fare passes. You can also spread awareness about when the ESL classes are offered at McLennan Community College.

Individually, local people in the McLennan county can donate money for bus tickets.

What we learned

"I learned that kids can really help in their community." -Olivia

"I learned that women suffrage is a women's right to vote." Hutson

"I have learned a lot about the conditions for kids at the border who are trying to get into America." -Stella

"What I learned was that most people will probably donate like personally responsible people, which is only a little." -Ella

"I learned that you can make a change no matter your age or the problem, as long as you speak up." -Hazel

"I learned that immigrants can't leave the shelters until they are 18 and do not have money nor jobs." -Grace

"I learned to not hold back and stand up for what I believe in." -Cambell

"I have learned that we all have a voice and it's our responsibility to speak out." -Ana

"I have learned there are a lot of kids getting sick at asylums near the border." -Brayden

"I learned about personal stories that have happened to immigrants." -Haynes


For questions about ESL classes location and times visit:

For questions about Waco Transit location and times visit:

For questions about prices for bus fares visit:

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About Us

We are Group 5, the Mighty Tortillas! A fun fact about our group is we all love carbs. We chose this issue because we are interested in how we can help immigrants from foreign countries learn English. This issue is occurring all around the United States and we want to help. By learning English, these immigrants can get jobs, which will help them support their family.