Survival Guide

for the Sahara Desert

Location, Geography, & Climate

The Sahara Desert is located in North Africa. The northern region arid is subtropical and the southern region arid is tropical. It is very hot there, temperatures range from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Four Steps Needed to Survive

1.Build a shelter shelter; build a small house out if items you had before the plane crash and use the plane! 2.Find food and water; hunt animals and if you have leftover food from the plane crash 3.Build a fire to cook animals out of a palm tree. 4.Try to find a way to contact a plane or somebody.
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Animal Life

In the Sahara Desert there Spotted Hyenas, Dama Gazelles, & Ostriches

Ostrich meat is a good food source! It helps some people get skinnier and lowers cholesterol. Ostriches aren't really that dangerous-except to small kids!

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Plant Life

Acacia, Common Fig, & Thyme are all types of plants in the Sahara Desert. Thyme is not poisonous! It's a spice and is edible and you could add it to your food!
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