Newsletter Week 3 Term 2

Titahi Bay Intermediate School Friday 20th May 2022

Principal's Korero

Welcome to the end of Week 3 with our students working hard with completing their invites for whānau for our up and coming Maths and English Whānau night. As it will be one of our first events for the year with our community coming together in our school environment, we are quite excited for this to be able to go ahead. We do ask that you come along to join in and learn a few fun learning games that you can do at home to support your child with their learning. We also ask that you wear a mask to keep our students, staff and whānau safe.

The past two weeks have seen a lot of adjustments to our new learning environment with access to the administration a lot more challenging than usual. I thank all of our team, students and whānau for your flexibility and understanding as the Cube space is smaller and with many of our discussions happening outside, lucky the weather has not been too bad for us.

I would like to thank our parents and whānau for their ongoing support when the school has made contact with you. Some of our students are working on making good choices when they are with their peers and understanding that with every choice there is a consequence. Social skills are continuing to be an area of development for our students, both on-line and in person. We are working with individuals on how we communicate with each other along with the importance of the information they are seeking. It has also been good to have whānau contact us when they need some support with our emerging adolescents and the challenges that this age group can bring.

It was great on Wednesday afternoon to see a number of our students playing on the netball and basketball courts for training and just hanging out shooting hoops. Great to see them enjoying our new basketball/netball system.

Upcoming Events

  • Maths and English Whānau Night - 26th May 2022, 6.00 - 7.00 p.m.
  • Science Road Show - Tuesday 31st May 2022
  • Queens Birthday - Monday 6th June 2022 (No school)

Covid 19- Mask Wearing Review

We mentioned in the first week's newsletter, that we would review our mask-wearing procedures in class. As of next week, Monday 23rd May 2022 we will be following the Ministry of Education's guidelines that at 'Orange' masks are encouraged but not required in educational settings. Masks remain an important tool to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses so public health strongly encourages their continued use. This will be continuously reviewed as our response may change in the event of a school/community outbreak.

Just a reminder of some guidelines:

  • Ākonga aged 12 and over must wear face masks on public transport and school transport.
  • All parents, caregivers, whānau, and other visitors are required to wear face masks on site.

Inter-Intermediate Cross Country Competition

Congratulations to the following students for representing our school in the Wellington Regional Inter-Intermediate Cross Country event this week. This event was held at Harcourts Park in Upper Hutt:

Ruben Trapp 11th, Andvari Kirk-Marsters 72nd, Whata Matenga 58th, Hayden Mahoney 75th, Jett Taylor-Fruean 58th, Isla Weir 36th and Tiare McMahon 62th.

Our students did extremely well with each field starting with over 100 participants for each identified group.

A big thanks to Emily Farrer for organising this along with Melanie Taylor and Jeremy Kirk for providing transport to and from the event.

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Saturday Netball

It has been great to see the support on the sidelines for our Saturday Netball Teams. Our ex-students from last year have stepped in to help us with either the coaching of or umpiring of our teams.

A big thanks to Jaylah Etimani-Marwood who has volunteered to coach our TBI Kahurangi team.

Competitions at Kapi Mana Netball Centre - GameDay (

Saturday 21st May 2022 Games:

TBI Kowhai - 1.00 p.m. on Court 3

TBI Kahurangi - 1.00 p.m. on Court 9

Maths and English Whānau Night

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Titahi Bay Intermediate School Expectations

We have high expectations for our students which includes ensuring that if they bring a cell phone to school that it needs to be handed into the School Office every day. Cell phones are a big distraction and are the cause of a number of social issues that our students get involved with. We encourage our students to enjoy their time at school and to socialise with each other during the break times face to face. Thank you for your support in reminding them to hand their cell phones in at the office or leave them at home.

Chewing gum is becoming a common feature around the school lately. As you can imagine the places where discarded gum is being put, which is putting the health of everyone at risk. Chewing gum is not accepted at our school so we require your support to ensure that gum stays out of our learning environments.

Just a friendly reminder that if your child is absent from school it is important that you inform the school of the reason for their absence. We will be following up with those students who have been away for 3 days or more requesting a doctor's certificate, unless they are isolating due to Covid 19. In the case of sports, for example, if your child is playing basketball or netball for the school, this communication allows us time to inform coaches that your child will not be attending the game or practises. Coaches will not allow students who are unwell to take to the court as we do not want to put others at risk.

Attendance and Late Arrivals at School

Many of our absences in Term 1 and Term 2 have been due to the restrictions of Covid 19. We are pleased to see many of these students have returned back to school. Unfortunately, we have seen a large number of students who continue to arrive late to school. Arriving late to school has a great impact on students' learning as well as their self-esteem as they do not like walking into a class late. Please encourage your child to get to school on time as the flow-on effect can be disruptive to their own learning as well as that of others. If you need support with this, please get in contact with the school.

Science Term 2

Students dig deep in Science this term to find out the secrets of our Earth! Learners will investigate what is beneath their feet that causes events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

We will be taking a close look at rocks and asking 'do rocks remember?'. We want students to make connections between what they learn and their natural environment. Point out different landforms and ask them to tell you what it is and how it is formed. Keep an eye on the alert levels for Ruapehu and check GeoNet with our tamariki to keep them engaged and curious about how their world works!

Te Reo Māori Term 2

Tēnā koutou katoa,

In Te Reo Māori this term our kaupapa is based on Pā Life so all the mātauranga, sentence structures and skills they’ll be learning about will be based on this kaupapa. Now that we’ve built some sort of foundation knowledge around tikanga and pronunciation and we are a bit more comfortable with each other, we will be getting into learning how to introduce ourselves and our whānau through our mihimihi. It would be helpful to your child if you could help them learn their pepeha as that will be one of our assessments this term. From this unit, they will also know a bit more about the way our tūpuna lived and how we can apply those skills and knowledge to our own lives.

Ko te pae tawhiti whāia kia tata. Ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tīna! Seek out distant horizons, and cherish those you attain.

Social Science Term 2

Why did we fight in World War One and Two? What roles did New Zealanders play in these wars?

This term in Social Science we are looking at the causes of both world wars at a high level to ponder the question - Why did New Zealand participate?

Once we have looked at the causes and given our students the background to why and how these conflicts started, students will do a small research project on an individual, or group of New Zealanders that had a role in the wars. The purpose of this line of inquiry is to look at how different groups of people in our community responded to the international conflicts that Aotearoa New Zealand have been involved in and to look at what kind of jobs New Zealanders were doing.

Physical Education Term 2

Don't stop moving! Term two's focus in Physical Education is on movement and understanding the technical skills needed across all sports. We will explore movement skills such as chasing, evading, shepherding, holding possession and controlling the pace through drills and games. These activities encourage students to communicate and use teamwork, so far we have seen all TE ARA values shown throughout PE classes. Students will learn the complex and rewarding game of Ki O Rahi and the history behind it to showcase the skills learnt throughout the term.

Soft Materials - Technology

This term the technology groups are making pyjama shorts. As part of the design process, they have had to make a plan, describe attributes and determine stakeholders. They have also been learning how to thread a sewing machine independently and sew straight seams.

Impressionist Painting

Created by Ryan Miller using a photo of Titahi Bay looking out towards the South Island.
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Music, Dance and Drama

Our topic this term is Key Players which is a unit of work that includes developing keyboard skills while learning to play the music of key composers including Purcell, Bach and Beethoven. Students are learning to recognise and play musical motifs and will have the opportunity to compose their own later on in the term.

Languages Term 2

Students will continue to learn New Zealand Sign Language. Students are at a stage where they can communicate using a number of instructions, ask for items, ask for names and ages and count up to 100 using New Zealand's 3rd official language.

We would love your unwanted Cotton Material

We are starting our second Technology classes soon and are looking for more cotton material that would be suitable for making pyjama shorts. We are looking for non-stretchy cotton material with any design or theme. If you have any unused top bed-sheets at home taking up space, or have a stash of material that you no longer need, please send it to the school office.

Aotea College Open Evening

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School App and Website

Remember to download our App so that you can keep up to date with what is happening. This will be great for our sports teams. Ensure that you link into the sports team that your child is in so that information can be sent out to these teams.
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