Jeff Longhenry

Biggest Bengals fan in the school


I have 2 brothers, and 3 sisters. My mom stays home and work on the house. And my dad makes money by selling land. One of my sisters is 14, another is 7, and the last one is 5. One of my brothers is 11, and another is 9. And my mom 44, and my dad is 42.


My favorite sport is football, even though I don't play it. My favorite league the, NFL and my favorite team are the Cincinnati Bengals
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Video games

My favorite game of all time is ,The legend of Zelda the wind waker. And my favorite first person shooter game is, Battlefield bad co. 2.

I also play Minecraft, CoD Ghost, The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, and Mario cart.

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Farm animals

I live on a farm full of chickens, horses, jack russells, and angora rabbits. I go out side to feed and water them on the week ends I feed'em in the morning, week days I feed'em in the after noon.


My favorite event is the SUPER BOWL, and my favorite SUPER BOWL was the recent one SUPER BOWL 49. Because my 2end favorite team won 24-28 and that was the New England Patriots, as they beat Seattle.

Free time

For my free time I like to, read, play video games, go out side, play football, and watch tv.