Get Focused ~ Stay Focused

The most important career planning course for your future

Course Overview

This introductory class for career planning and development includes everything you need to design a personalized 10-year life planning guide. Using work-text and online tools, you will explore your wants and needs for post-high school success. Be prepared to have your hopes and dreams become your reality beginning with this 18-week comprehensive online course.

Be amazing,

Donna Andrew, M.Ed.

Am I a Strong Candidate for Online Course?

Go to the Cuesta College Online Resources and take the "self assessment survey" then read "How to survive in an online course". Sound like you? Great!

Now, expect to spend 3+ hours weekly on the assignments. Not kidding!

You will be required to log on to the course site several times weekly for chats and comments. Plan accordingly.

Course Prerequisites & Technical Requirements

There are no prerequisite courses as this is the first in a series. This course is designed for all 9th grade students as part of a well-balanced career and 21st Century technology series.

Because you are the master of your success in this class, you must have access to a computer, an email account, and a reliable internet connection. Get Focused is offered in an online-only format so it will be important for YOU to stay on-pace with the timing.

Finally, as a digital native, you must be able to navigate in an online environment with efficiency. This means there will be a variety of assignment types that you will be required to complete within the allotted time.

Cuesta's Moodle Login How-To

Got to

Use your my.cuesta login name: firstname_lastname

The default Password is: Changeme1. Change your password AND write it down.

Problems? Send an email to

If you are stuck, watch the YouTube video titled, "Medieval Helpdesk with English Subtitles".

Let's Get Started

Download the course Syllabus and highlight the assignments and due dates. Put it on your calendar just like all of your homework assignments.

Set up a binder for your 10-year plan print-outs and other written work samples.

The day you enter the course, log in to the Moodle site and post an Introduction Statement (Syllabus item).

Submit your Self-Evaluation from page ** in the Career Choices text.

Comment positively on at least two classmate's Introduction Statement.