Semester 2 Review

Semester Review

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  • start of WW1
  • Allied countries V.S Central powers
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Isaac Newton

Isaac newton (above) discovery of gravity laws of physics.

Laws of motion

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Causes of WW1





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Spark of WW1

  • The assasination of (above) Franz Ferdinand Started WW1
  • Killed by Gavrillo Princip
  • Shot in Sharajevo
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  • In 1917 is when the U.S Joined the war
  • U.S came part of the Allied Countries

Why U.S entered WW1

  • Sinking of Lusitania
  • Zimmerman Telegram
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Woodrow Wilson

  • president during WW1
  • For the United States of America
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How was WW1 fought?

  • It was fought in Trenches
  • Because of Machine guns
  • They were gotten out by chemical weapons
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Ferdinand Magellan

  • Circumnavigated the earth
  • born in 1480
  • died in April 27 1521

Adam Smith

  • Wrote Wealth of Nations
  • Scottish Philosopher