Swimming:Missy Franklin

Never Quit!! Follow Your Dreams.. And you'll get your dream!

MIssy Franklin: Humble Face Of USA swimming

Missy had traveled to NEw York City To get an Award for Swimming.. She has been given 6 GOLD awards. She is an amazing swimming

Missy Named U.S. Sports Academy Athletic Of A few months ago.

Missy was the first women to win six gold medals. She Is a world champion. Everyone Loves Her.. She is the fastest and the best swimmer in the world!

Missy Wins AAU Sullivan Award:

She once said " I will be a professional swimmer one day".. and she honestly followed her dreams. She is now a professional swimmer. She is always swimming. Hundreds and Hundreds of people love to watch her swim.

The Buss:Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin won the "Best High School Swimmer In The world" award. I wish i could be a swimmer like her.. I've been a swimmer for 3 Years. I love being in the water.. But i wish i could be just like her!!
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Missy: Serve AS Grand Marshall Of Fiesta Bowl Parade:!

Missy Franklin Served as the Grand Marshall Of the 42nd annual Fiesta Bowl Parade On December 29th

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Missy Franklin Wins Award:

National team member Missy Franklin is the finalist for the Women's Sports Foundations. (Sports Women Award) FOR NEVER GIVING UP!! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!<3