Network Guide


Equipment Needed

1) The Internet

2) Modem

3) Wireless

4) Computer

The First Thing You Do Is To Plug Your Modem Into Your Phone Line Along With Your Phone. After You Have Done That You Need To Plug Your Modem In To Your Router Or Hub.

Setting Up The Equipment

Getting Started - What Do I Need?

Firstly you need to make sure you have the right equipment. To set up a wireless home network you will need the following:

  • Broadband internet access
  • A compatible modem (ADSL or Cable)
  • A wireless router (or BT Home Hub, Orange Livebox or equivalent branded hardware) with a firewall
  • A computer with built-in wireless networking support or a wireless network adapter
  • Wireless adapters for any other computers or laptops that may need them

Trouble Shotting Guide

Trying to track down and resolve technical problems on your computer is, undeniably, one of life's most frustrating experiences. To help you through the process, I've written some articles that explain the critical issues you need to understand to do effective troubleshooting on PCs or Macs. In addition, the articles address common questions and common problems I'm often asked about on the O Donnell On Computer radio show. These articles (at least the PC versions) also form the basis of some of the more extensive troubleshooting advice you'll find in my book, Personal Computer Secrets I hope you find them useful.

Introduction to Computer Networks Part 1 - Easy to understand basics

Wireless Network

Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind. It is a method by which homes, telecommunicatons networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered usin radio commmunication.This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure.