Satellite S'More Newsletter

March 14-18, 2016

Have a wonderful week!

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

I wish everyone a wonderful Spring Break! Take this opportunity to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate! Hopefully the weather will cooperate if you are staying in the area. If you are traveling outside of the region, please have safe travels and an enjoyable holiday! The students' courses will be on auto-progression, as we used over Winter Break. You will not need to bypass student tests, etc. This is your time to relax as well. :) Enjoy!

Kajeet Update

As many of you know, our students were reporting some concerns that the Kajeets were not working properly. I've been working with Ms. Danielle Thorne, Student Helpdesk Coordinator to dig deeper into this issue. Ms. Thorne has the serial numbers of the Kajeets our students have checked out, and when she pulled the log files she noticed that many of our students are using the Kajeets to stream music. Streaming music rapidly depletes the data allowance for each day. Please join me in reminding all students that the Kajeets should be used for school work. Not streaming music should allow the Kajeets to function as intended.

SOL Testing

Below is the SOL testing schedule for this week: Reminder, our students will report at the usual time (the two hour delay that students have received robo calls regarding only applies to students at the King Street campus).

Tuesday, March 15: English SOL (Multiple Choice)

Wednesday, March 16: English SOL (Writing)

Thursday, March 17: Makeups

Friday, March 18: Makeups