The Program sees EVERYTHING

Be conservative with your technology

They're watching

If you think you are safe online, think again. With the establishment of The Program, your online privacy has been invaded. The people of The Program will have been watching your every move, and every click. They know your internet history, favorite websites, and which websites you visit most. The Program is going to follow your social media, online activities, and to find the advertisements that appeal to your internet profile. The Program can also use your social profiling against you through many ways. I advise you be cautious of what you post online, because you think you can delete the tweet, or the Facebook post, or clear your search history, but it will forever be out there in cyber space. The Program is so secretive that most of the people working in it, don't even know everything about it. According to Thomas Drake, "The set of people that actually knew about the program, Stellar Wind, and any of the information related to it was very, very small. We're talking just about a small handful. We're talking about a few dozen at most that actually had direct knowledge."

They're listening

Just like the people of The Program are watching your online activities, they are also monitoring your other forms of communication too. They are listening to your phone calls, watching your Skype or FaceTime calls, and reading your texts. All forms of privacy are violated with The Program. They know which radio stations you listen to, hear your plans for the weekend, and know what you had for dinner last night. They're also so secretive about it. You won't even realize that they are listening, but they are always listening and watching.