The Life of A Courtney

All about me

Bodily Kinesthetic and Visual Modality

One of my learning style is bodily kinesthetic because i am very active and energetic. also i am very good at making and breaking down music and songs. I learn better by being showed a hands on example and then doing it myself. I am also very artistic and love to draw paint and sketch. I also like writing poems and helping others with problems and making them laugh and smile. I am also Visual because i can look at two things and tell the difference. Also i am very good at reading and writing and find that i can be told to write a sentence, get carried away and write a paragraph. I daydream alot and can clearly picture things in my mind when i focus and shut my eyes.

Multiple Intelligences

My multiple Intelligence's are Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Musical, Visual and Naturalistic. I am Kinesthetic because i am active, love to move, and am full of energy. I am Linguistic because i love to read and don't have trouble pronouncing words and i love to write and can easily express my feelings and thoughts on paper. I am Musical because i can make rhythms, and lyrics with ease and i am almost always singing or listening to music and when ever music is on i unconsciously tap my foot or drum my fingers to the beat. I am Visual because i can look at two of the same thing and tell the difference between them, also i read with ease and can see things others miss. I am Naturalistic because i love to be outdoors anytime of day, I love to find a quiet place outdoors and sit and relax and sketch the scenes around me, I often go outdoors for walks when i need to calm down.