Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton & Miss Jordan

Dutch Fork Elementary the Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • Spring Growth portfolios (student work samples & MAP report)
  • Animal Ambassadors flyer (please sign & return)
  • parent survey (please complete & return)
  • 5th Grade graduation flyer (please sign & return)

  • 4/5/19 - Tag of Honor @ 10:05AM
  • 4/15 -19 Spring Break
  • 6/6/19 - 5th Grade Graduation / Last Day of School

BINGO Basket: Snack Attack (Drayton's Homeroom)

We are still welcoming in snack items for our BINGO basket. Feel free to send in any snack item that you like, salty or sweet. Thanks in advance for your contribution!!

Spring Growth Student-Led Conferences

If you were unable to join us, your child and I have prepared a packet of artifacts for you all to discuss at home about their progress at school. The packet should include:

  • Student Led Conference Reflection Sheet
  • Spring MAP Scores
  • Argumentative Post Assessment*
  • Great Depression Test (Homeroom students)*

Also, ask your child to show you his or her reading goal sheet* and the book they're currently reading. As always, thanks for supporting me in growing your child as a reader and writer. I appreciate all that you do!

*If your child does not have these assessments in their packet, they did not turn it in or they misplaced it

Reading Workshop

We are continuing to grow as readers by annotating the text. Annotations help us have a record of our thinking while reading. The goal is for our annotations to help bring clarity to what we are reading. We are using this skill as we read all texts (fiction, nonfiction, social studies book, tests, etc). Ask your reader about how he or she is using annotations and how it is helping understanding.

At home help: Please continue encouraging your child's growth as a reader at home by providing space and time for reading. This could look like your child reading to you or both of you reading together. Shared reading is awesome! Some of our best growth comes from talk. Talk with you reader about his or her new insights, wonders, and interests from the book. Try to push past the superficial of who, what, when, and where. Focus on why questions like:

  • why the author used a particular phrasing
  • why characters said and did certain things
  • why the point of view effects the reader's understanding

Thank you for all that you do at home!

Prompt: Compare and Contrast the themes of Rose Blanche and Terrible Things/First They Came For. What did the characters’ actions reveal about the theme the authors wanted to convey?

Response Checklist:

  • The major theme the author returns to throughout the text

  • Evidence from the text that supports the theme

  • How the theme is important to the story

  • Comparing & Contrasting themes across texts

  • Transitional language to connect your thoughts

Sample Responses

Lily H

The theme for “Terrible Things” is you should always stand up for other people even if you are nothing alike because no one deserves to be hurt. When Little Rabbit questioned the Terrible Things, the Big Rabbit said “Just be glad it wasn’t us they wanted.” At the end there was no one left to speak for the white rabbits and so I infer they regret not speaking up. The theme for “Rose Blanche” is you should always help others even if it might cost you. Rose tried helping the children because they were hungry and so she came every day and gave them food. She died trying to give children food because when she got to the clearing, it was empty and the soldiers thought she was an enemy so they shot her. This theme matters because if she didn’t follow the truck, she wouldn’t have found the children. The Terrible Things theme matters because if Little Rabbit would’ve spoke up, things could have been different. These themes are different because the Terrible Things theme is saying speak up for others, while the Rose Blanche theme is saying always help out others. The themes are also very similar because they both are trying to teach other people that even though it may not be you, you should always help anyways.

Leah P.

The theme in Terrible Things is if you stick together things will turn out differently. For example, in the story the characters did not work together when the terrible things came, so things did not turn out good. The theme in Rose Blanche is help someone in need. For example, Rose helped the Jews by giving them food. These themes are different because in terrible things, the characters did not help the other characters in need. In Rose Blanche, Rose helped the people that were in need by giving them food. The themes are similar because in both stories things did not turn out good. In terrible things all the animals were taken except for one. In Rose Blanche, Rose ended up losing her life from a gunshot.

Writing Workshop

At home help: Take time to celebrate your writer’s responses. Each day, we have written a response to analyze various texts about World War II. We have focused on summarizing and analyzing for theme, mood, and setting. You and your writer may go back to revise these responses at home, using the checklist to reflect on your child’s responses together. Keep in mind that your writer's response may be structured very differently, and that's ok! Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s growth as a writer. I can’t wait to hear about the work you do at home together!

Challenger Learning Center

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Guidance w/Mrs. Beckman & Officer Hood: Internet Safety

Tips for safe surfing

  • keep personal information private (name, number, address, location)
  • talk with people you know in real life
  • if you feel uncomfortable tell a trusted adult
  • never arrange a meeting with someone you don't know
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DFES is proud to be a Title I School!